A great outfit (or a new look)


Express.com has some decent sales going on this time of year, and I’m going to show you an outfit that would look great for this coming fall.

Express.com’s 1MX Shirts

Express 1MX Solid Shirt

Express 1MX Solid Shirt

Express 1MX Summerall Stripe Shirt

Express 1MX Summerall Stripe Shirt

Here are two shirts that look great and are definitely versatile for your wardrobe.  Cotton/Spandex material that is a modern fit for all body types with pointed collars, single lined button barrel cuffs, rounded shirttail, and is machine washable for normal wear and tear.  This modern style is contemporary enough for a classic look. Notice the pant selections for each shirt.  The solid white 1MX shirt can be combined with both the gray or black pants for the office, or wear it on the weeknights with a pair of nice, dark flat-front denim jeans. The dark striped-shirt can be worn with solid black, off-black, or pinstripe pants for the office, and worn with dark denim jeans on the weekends.

1MX Shirt Solid: $49.50
Colors: A LOT!
View this Express shirt

1MX Shirt – Summerall Stripe: $59.50
Colors: Black, Ruby, White
View this Express shirt

Express.com’s Producer Pants

Express Cotton Producer Pant - Solid

Express Cotton Producer Pant - Solid

With the two styles of shirts mentioned above, the next step is to find great pants to match. This solid cotton Producer Pant by Express is a complimentary pant to the shirts. Flat-front pants are great for average heights and slim builds, while pleated pants will accentuate heights of the “vertically-challenged” folks.  This is Express’ signature pant line, and the comfort value is great.  I highly recommend it.

Price: $49.50
Colors: Black, Caravan, Marsh
View this pant at Express

Shoes and Accessories

What really makes or breaks the outfit are the complimentary accessories that you combine with your attire. How you “accessorize” your outfit is by looking at the patterns, colors, and shapes of your wardrobe, and letting your accessories offset and accentuate what is lacking with your outfit.

Express Sleek Buckle Belt

Express Sleek Buckle Belt

For example, the outfit I chose above is very modern, sleek, crisp, and clean. So to match the accessories with the outfit, I chose a sleek buckle belt that is formal enough for a work outfit, yet stylish and casual for denim attire.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Guyding Light

Kenneth Cole Reaction Guyding Light

Next, I chose a selection of black shoes that will accentuate the look I’m trying to create. Most designer slip-ons (not necessarily penny loafers) have that modern look, so I am going with my trusty Kenneth Cole shoes to enhance the style of the outfit. Choose between a square-toe or pointed-toe shape, but for this outfit, I would stay away from cap-toe shoes, as it doesn’t match the overall look.

Kenneth Cole New York Join The Club

Kenneth Cole New York Join The Club

Adding a buckle on the shoe will definitely compliment the belt and make the outfit a more polished, modern look. Finally, adding black or silver cufflinks from Kenneth Cole and Reaction and watches from Giorgio Armani and Kenneth Cole will round out the entire wardrobe for you.

Kenneth Cole New York Join The Club: $220.15
Get it Zappos.com

Kenneth Cole Reaction Guyding Light: $107.10
Shop Zappos.com today!


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