Express $15 3-day sale, Sales

Standard is having a $15 sale for guys and girls, starting Friday and ending on Sunday (but it’s mostly tees for guys). They still have the Box Sale going on as well, with an additional 40% off on top of the sale price. As a reminder, their sizes and colors are very limited!

Prada Sneakers

Prada Sneakers


Also, Prada (yes Prada) has a great shoe on sale right now on  I’ve seen something similar in LA and have tried them on, and they’re quite fantastic, IMHO.  While it is a whopping $450, it is 80% off the retail price (down from $2315!!!).  That must be one lovely shoe!!

25% to 50% off at Kenneth Cole


Kenneth Cole is having a huge sale, from 25% to 50% off original prices, with FREE shipping until February 4, 2009.

Check out their clearance prices as well. The men’s shoes are 50% off their original prices!

New Sale Items from SaleMail!


I recently got some goodies from my Shop It To Me mail and found some great deals! Check these babies out:

Don’t forget to hook up some sweet deals on as well. I’ve checked out their site for men’s watches and found some incredible deals.


Express Shop The Box Sale


Check out the Express Shop The Box sale happening right now! $9.99 and above, plus 40% off the clearance price!  That is an amazing deal for all of you bargain shoppers, but also beware of what this entails: limited sizes, limited choices, limited colors.  But if you can find a diamond in that rough, it’s definitely worth it!

And of course, as the winter months are slowly moving and giving way to spring, Express is also introducing their line of casual shirts, just for all of you early spring shoppers!

Macy’s closing stores


With the economic state around us, even Macy’s is susceptible to the downfall of the “almighty” dollar. News is floating on the internet that Macy’s will be shutting down 11 stores in 9 states, including Los Angeles and Nashville.  While it is inevitable, even for big department stores, to shut down stores in order to save the company, it nevertheless sad to see good companies go down the drain (and I’m not referring to Detroit’s “big” 3).

Thankfully, Macy’s will continue their online operations to generate revenue and business, and I believe that for 2009 and on, online business will become more important for retail operations than ever before.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Let me know what you think!

More substance, less hype


So it’s been a while (really… I mean a long while) since I blogged on here.  That’s because I’ve been busy trying to stay sane with all of the things happening around me, and that’s not even including the economy.  BUT, for all of you hardy folks that are looking for some new fashion guidelines, rest assured, Your Personal Shopping is making big strides to share some wonderfully cool things.  For starters, I’m going to try and blog more frequently.  HA, wow that’s great of me huh?  Yeah you got it.  I’m more intensified now to really focus on getting stuff for you guys.  And don’t worry, it will be good.  Second, to give you guys things that’s more substance, less hype.  Seriously, who cares about hype?  I mean, look what hype did to Reebok Pumps and British Knights?  I don’t think Grandmama ever thought of BK going down the drain (as well as his career).  And with today’s economy and market, hype is not what I want to have, so that rules out Wal Mart and others like it.

Well, here’s to a new year, a new season in life, and new ways to enjoy some retail therapy, eh?