Dedicated to Armani


I love how Armani makes your appearance look great without having to try to hard to impress. I especially like the way they have complete looks ready to 1) help you mix and match the clothes, 2) understand how patterns, colors, styles, etc. fit your style, and 3) inspire you to look at other clothing (even your own) and infuse that style into your mentality.

Take for example Armani’s Spring Look for men. Armani shows you different looks on how to wear their spring line in a fresh, more modern feel. Mixing traditional pieces and styles with a modern flair is sure to keep your style funky fresh and hip. While I know some would probably not want to have a modern look, or even have the body shape for a modern look, you can still take clues from their designs and implement them to your own creative style to make it your own look.

Let’s say that you may not like the track pants mixed with yellow v-neck sweater and blue blazer (and yes I can understand that) in this spring look. So why not re-design that look to suit your taste? Take out the drawstring pants and replace that with linen pants (for summer) or a darker bootcut denim jeans. Mix and match that with the blazer and a fresh white tee or pastel polo pique. If you’re still in chilly weather in the spring (think Seattle nowadays when it’s snowing in late March), go for a cashmere v-neck sweater of your choice of color (or crew-neck if you wish), denim jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots to boot. Or better yet, replace the sweater and add a sleek long-sleeved graphic tee and top it with a mixed hoodie blazer.

You really can’t go wrong with it all. All you need to have is a defined perspective on what you want to get, and then tailor the clothes to meet what you want. Don’t settle for anything less!

I am searching…


For websites, blogs and online stores that are specifically for the male shopper (plain joe schmo or metro guys). And after searching for a couple of days, I have yet to see a great site that has great content. I’ve seen ones that are just atrociously horrible in design, and/or the content in and of itself is written by someone who does not have great taste in fashion.  I’m excluding Men’s Warehouse here.

So, I’m on the hunt for any great sites out there with great content. If you have sites or blogs to share, please do let me know! I am collecting a massive list and posting them on my blog for everyone. I do have some criteria for this, but more like guidelines:

  • If it is a blog, it has to be currently active, and the blogs are currently active within the past 2 months.  I don’t want to see a blog that hasn’t been touched since 2005.
  • For online shopping, I don’t mind if it has stuff for women, but it has to be predominantly for men
  • National and international brand names preferred, but don’t mind the local designers as well, as long as the designers are differentiated.
  • I don’t have a preference on different styles or industries.  It can be a site dedicated to hip hop clothing, street style, formal, or otherwise.

If you know of any sites like these, please comment on this blog or email me at thep3rsonalshopp3r at gmail dot com.


Shoes galore


Haha, yeah… so my latest salemail email is full of shoes – I mean racks full of them. Thanks to and, I have a plethora of shoes to choose from. And yes, I said plethora. Reminds me of that bit on The Three Amigos…

So check this out. I’ll share what shoes to wear on different styles and outfits, in different settings, based on the salemail email.

  • Adidas Gazelle in Black, paired with dark or semi-dark jeans (baggy or bootcut, depends on preferences, situations, and where you’re going that night), light-colored hoodie or funky stripe/pattern button down, Von Dutch trucker hat (HA!) and Reaction watch. Adidas Gazelle shoes are $54.99 at
  • Rockport Colrain in Black, paired with dark bootcut jeans or flat-front khakis, plain white button down shirt and chrome buckle belt courtesy of Armani Exchange. Add aviators, Kenneth Cole watch, and fancy rings at your leisure. Rockport Colrain shoes are $46.99 at
  • Adidas O-Type Driving with dark denim (either non-destroyed, or semi-destroyed), and with added patterns to suit your style. Pair with a funky tee from Armani and glasses from Steve Madden and your set for a very casual look. $69.99 at
  • Kenneth Cole Biggest Fan paired with dark bootcut denim jeans, chrome studded belt, colored pattern shirt (with at least white as the base color), and a Movado watch will get you noticed, and that’s being real. Kenneth Cole shoes courtesy of for $97.98.
  • Guess Donte with either white or khaki linen pants, or even (take a guess) a dark denim jeans with a solid (or striped, depending on your flavor) pique polo from Ralph Lauren, Nautica, or Express for a more comfortable, stylish, and fashionable look that says something nice about you and not calling you a slob. Guess footwear from at $54.97
  • Sketchers Footloose paired with denim jeans (either dark, distressed, or combinations), mixed with a white button down shirt with light horizontal or cross-pattern shirt, folded sleeves, and a nice dragon buckle belt from Buckle. Piperlime presents Sketchers Footloose shoes for $51.99.
  • Kenneth Cole New York Clean Slate boots (my fave) paired with a dark denim bootcut jeans followed with black pinstripe button down shirt from Armani Exchange, Macy’s, Nordstroms, or Express (or wherever you can find one), sleek black leather belt, black classic Movado watch, and, if you can afford it, diamond earrings for your pierced ears. :):) Kenneth Cole New York Clean Slate boots from are $91.97.

There you go… That should give you some ideas on how to wear different types of shoes for your day.  Be creative, and always be yourself.  Have fun shopping!

Missing Nordstroms


Ok, so being from the Northwest, I am so jonesing for Nordstrom and am missing it terribly. If you’re in the south, you’ll probably notice that there are NO Nordstrom available. NONE. While Nashville is supposed to be a city that is getting a Nordstrom, it’s not coming anytime soon. So I thought, “Hey, online shopping is awesome, and I don’t have to be in any particular state to get stuff, so I’ll bring online shopping to you!”

Now that spring is here, Nordstrom always comes out with great products to fit the season. I always like linen in the spring – it’s very light, comfortable, and breathes easy on the skin, especially if it’s hot like it is here in the south.

Take this linen pants by Michael Kors, for example. White or off-white colors are classic in style and appeal, and Michael Kors creates timeless pieces very well. You can definitely dress this up by pairing this bad boy with either a bright/spring-color button down shirt (think baby blue, spring green, or yellow in either linen, cotton, cotton blends), a nice brown or black leather belt, and definitely some Kenneth Cole shoes, and accessorized by your choice of watch and rings. Or, you can tone it down a notch with either a short-sleeve polo pique from Armani Exchange and driving mocs from Sketchers or Banana Republic to make it a bit more relaxed and fun. Want a totally casual feel? Get some funky tees from Armani Exchange or Express and follow it up with nice spring sandals.

You can also switch the pants from belt-oriented to drawstring ties like this one from BOSS. This makes a great casual feel, especially with the right tee or shirt and accessories.

There are great sales going on right now at Nordstrom, so go check them out and have fun!

A sucker for Coach


Ok, so I am a bit of a sucker for Coach stuff, even though I think they need more stuff for guys like me.  Anyway, here is a great collection of Coach products for men, and a couple of my fave products below:

I love this nylon messenger bag for everyday stuff.  It probably won’t fit my 17 inch laptop, but it will definitely fit my journal, tons of pens, PDA, ipod and my fat wallet that is full of receipts.

Watches and accessories are my bag, baby, and usually Coach watches (among Armani, KC, Movado, et. al.) don’t disappoint.  If I could, I would get this Lexington Two Tone watch.  It’s sleek, elegant, and definitely classic.  It’s also classy to wear in many styles, from being a “suit” at work to just being a normal joe schmo at your local cafe (Go Tully’s) — especially with dark denim jeans!

Again, check out their entire line of men’s products!!  I’m sure you’ll find some things you will like!  And please feel free to pass it on to others.

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Armani’s March Collection


If you’re not in the know, then you should be, especially when it comes to anything Armani. Armani Exchange is rolling out their new March collection online and in-stores, which is great. I love Armani’s sophistication, bold styles, and feel, not to mention that their clothes look great.

Check out the sale section on their pants and bottoms. You can save up to 50% off plus an extra 20% during checkout. Now that’s tight!

Other ways to save is if you spend $100 or more, it’s free shipping by using the code spring09. You can also text Armani (276264) to get an instant 10% off of any purchase!

And if you haven’t done this yet, go check out their virtual dressing rooms. They just recently revamped the whole look and feel, especially the functionality. You can click the pieces and drag them on the page. It’s mad tight, very customizable to fit your size, shape, and fashion tastes.

Have fun! sale! 40% off on 1MX Shirts


I actually happen to like 1MX shirts from Express. They’re very comfortable and easy to fit into. The fit seems to be right with my body type and of course, it looks great!

Check out their sales now!

I personally like this outfit, especially with how the color scheme is presented. A great blue color that is FITTED mixed with a very nice gray trousers for the workplace, and switch the pants with a dark denim bootcut jeans, and you’re set for the night 🙂