A sucker for Coach


Ok, so I am a bit of a sucker for Coach stuff, even though I think they need more stuff for guys like me.  Anyway, here is a great collection of Coach products for men, and a couple of my fave products below:

I love this nylon messenger bag for everyday stuff.  It probably won’t fit my 17 inch laptop, but it will definitely fit my journal, tons of pens, PDA, ipod and my fat wallet that is full of receipts.

Watches and accessories are my bag, baby, and usually Coach watches (among Armani, KC, Movado, et. al.) don’t disappoint.  If I could, I would get this Lexington Two Tone watch.  It’s sleek, elegant, and definitely classic.  It’s also classy to wear in many styles, from being a “suit” at work to just being a normal joe schmo at your local cafe (Go Tully’s) — especially with dark denim jeans!

Again, check out their entire line of men’s products!!  I’m sure you’ll find some things you will like!  And please feel free to pass it on to others.

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