Reflecting on Personal Style


Everyone has their own unique taste in personal fashion, so it is more relevant to that person when their own interests ate being addressed. As a blogger/writer that caters to his own personal convictions, I am more blunt on displaying the fashion and stylistic perception and intuition based on my own lenses. Granted it is not easy nor necessarily accurate to share such bold convictions when others do not see what I see. Rather, I believe it to be more fruitful to share values and perception to others in the event that the person receiving what I have to share will hopefully have a more complete insight on their own fashion sense than what they think about themselves alone.

So in light of sharing that, personal fashion is just that: personal. A personal choice, your style should mean more to you than what anyone else says, including me. I can argue that there are certain guidelines that should be adhered to in any sort of attire, the overall look, feel and presentation should reflect your personality, character, and mindset (not to mention profession) without disguising your true self.

Being true to yourself is more important than being fashionable.


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