How To Be OK With Wearing What You Have


Not all of us are rich enough to afford new clothes every month, week or day; and I am sure that a lot of you out there are just trying to make by with what you have.  Not to fret!  You can still keep wearing what you’ve got and, with a little creativity, get by with some stylish pointers while limiting your spending habit!

Colors and Patterns

Sometimes, all you need to do is to look at your clothes differently from how you’ve been wearing them.  Do you pair your jeans or pants with your usual bland colors?  Try switching out your favorite shirts with those that have different patterns or graphics for a better look.  Want to get extreme?  Get (a little) louder and wear more vibrant colors to offset your normal jean attire.  Express, J. Crew, and Kenneth Cole all have great, vibrant shirts and colors to mix and match with.

Texture and Style

Pair up different textures to get mileage of your clothes.  Try experimenting with different ways to match your outfits, like matching a linen shirt with khakis, or a cashmere-blend pique polo with jeans.  Trying to be a rockstar?  No sweat.  Graphic shirts (especially vintage ones) can be of various materials that will definitely show.  Some are cotton or cotton-blends, others are polyester or poly-blends.

Accessorize.  Seriously.

Ok, so you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have neon green shirts or Guns ‘N Roses tees to match my jeans.”  No problem.  This is a classic case of letting your accessories make the difference.  Unique belts, bracelets (yes, guys can wear bracelets.  Ask Kenneth Cole), sweet necklaces, and even head wear can make a difference to your outfit.

A vintage tee paired with a cool belt buckle and trendy jeans with a fedora hat can make a statement!

Now get creative and enjoy!

Express Pants for Men


Express pants are one of my fave brands of pants due to their excellent comfort and relatively inexpensive prices.  The Producer and Photographer pants are quite comfortable and stylish, with different textures and arrays of colors to keep the modern man (like moi) satisfied.  While the Producer and Photographer pants aren’t their only options, these are pretty much my top two in their lineup, providing such comfort as stretch cotton to cotton sateen, from pinstripes to solids and everything in between. 

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