A Quick Tip on Bargain Shopping


If you’re a bargain shopper like me, then you’ll know of the “unspoken” rule to “never” buy anything full-price as much as possible (on clothes that is), and to find great places that have great sales consistently throughout the year.

So for all the newbies interesting in finding great deals, here’s a quick tip on finding bargain prices:  WAIT.

That’s right, wait for clothes to go on sale.  If you’re the one to get the latest and greatest in the now, you can get a better price by waiting at least 5-6 weeks for a minimum of 30% off (plus any other promotions on top) when new items get stocked in the store.  Unless you make massive paper, you can definitely save a chunk of doe with this type of deal.

BONUS TIP: Before the new items get stocked, stores will have to make room for these new items; which means GREAT sales on the last season’s wear.  Those are great times to find good solid deals, if you don’t mind the “previous season” wear.