Key to Fashion Success: Self-Confidence


No matter what kind of personality you have, and no matter what fashion sense or trend (or in some cases, both) you may think you have, your ability to look great strutting your stuff in a classy and sophisticated fashion boils down to your self-confidence.  Basically, how you carry yourself in any situation, in any circumstance, in any attire, will show through.

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MEN: Is it Okay to Wear Women’s Jeans?


So, here’s a question that I am sure is a no-brainer to most guys (and I say that loosely):  Is it okay to wear women’s jeans?

My answer is a resounding NO!  I don’t care who you are, how awesome you think you are, and how much money or fame you have accumulated.  No, it is not okay to wear women’s jeans.  That’s just wrong.  Aside from the obvious, women’s jeans are fit for a woman’s body, not a guy’s body.  Women’s jeans have a certain style and fit to them that contours their shape and makes them, well, women.

Don’t be fooled by any fashion trend, especially one that thinks it is cool and hip to wear another gender’s attire.

Men’s 10 Biggest Fashion Crimes


Yahoo!’s fashion article about men’s fashion no-no’s comes to no surprise, as most men would know that [universally] they have limited fashion sense to begin with.  Coming from a fashion mentality, it is wise to note that to view fashion in its own definition is defined by multiple variables; among them are personal style, designer input and ideas, global fashion perceptions, and so forth.  I wanted to write a comment on their site, but figured 1 out of 3000+ comments won’t make my voice heard.  Instead, I am posting my comments and thoughts here. Continue reading

Looking for your favorite places to shop!


Do you have a favorite mall in your area?  Do you love to shop at a specific store in your city?  Let me know!  I am compiling a list of places all over the United States and posting these places on my blog.  If you have an awesome store or mall that you’re dying to let the world know, send me your information!

Looking forward to showcase your favorites!

Shopping Tip of the Week: Do Your Research


Many things irk me about how people buy things nowadays. With many tools, tips, and various places of information ready for consumers to use, we as consumers should be savvier, more knowledgeable, calculated, and better spenders in our “consumption” of goods. Nevertheless, we often buy things that we end up being frustrated about, returning, or otherwise because we don’t take the time to do what we should do before we buy: and that is to do our due diligence in researching what we want to buy before we buy it. Continue reading

Shopping Tip of the Week: The Price Is Right


In buying clothes, there is no shame in comparing prices all across the board.  In this unforgiving economy, you most certainly have to price shop for what you want.   No need to be keeping up with the Joneses when those cats are selling off their yachts and mansions.

So, to get a good price for whatever it is you want to get, do yourself a favor and shop around for sales.  Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Find out what you want first and prioritize your list.  If jeans matter more to you than tops, then use that first.  NOTE: This is only to get you started.  Once you start shopping, you may find great sales for a few of the items in your list.
  • Make a list of places where you know you can find your stuff.  For example, if you’re looking for jeans at affordable prices, you may want to visit Macy’s, Kohl’s, Dillard’s, Mervyn’s, Ross, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy/Gap, etc. Continue reading