Men’s 10 Biggest Fashion Crimes


Yahoo!’s fashion article about men’s fashion no-no’s comes to no surprise, as most men would know that [universally] they have limited fashion sense to begin with.  Coming from a fashion mentality, it is wise to note that to view fashion in its own definition is defined by multiple variables; among them are personal style, designer input and ideas, global fashion perceptions, and so forth.  I wanted to write a comment on their site, but figured 1 out of 3000+ comments won’t make my voice heard.  Instead, I am posting my comments and thoughts here.

Ed Hardy Attire (and other blaring labels)

I will say that it’s not just men that wear this.  Women are susceptible (and have been seen) in Ed Hardy clothes (among other leading designers), so just because some douche bag thinks that it’s just a man thing, doesn’t mean that it’s not also targeted towards women.  Yes, I agree that men should look put together, and I will say the same thing for women.  Tights, flats, and big tees with a big black belt doesn’t cut it either.

Baggy/Saggy Jeans

I agree wholeheartedly on this vote.  I, for one, am a seasoned breakdancer and hip hop dancer, and even during my tenure in breakdancing and hip hop, I hardly wore very baggy jeans to the dance floor.  The reason why I say that is not all baggy jeans are made because of the hip hop genre, but that genre nevertheless do not make the efforts to condone it.  What should be noted though this baggy/saggy jeans debacle is what people wear in the mix.  When your jeans are sagged down so that only your boxers show, and you’re wearing a wife-beater, then you’re totally hip hop.  And in this case, a fashion no-no.

Socks With Sandals

Ha ha ha.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest, this is like reliving my childhood memories of watching people with wool socks and Tevas or Birkenstocks.  What’s more laughable is the fact that it’s NOT just guys that do this.  This is another category that fits both male and female blunders, so take that into consideration.  And don’t forget, this is also a fashion in the tech sector (hello, Microsoft developers).

**Note, socks with Crocs are JUST as bad, and in my book, FAR worse.


Unless you’re from South America, living in South America, I don’t have a problem with it.  But keep it in THAT part of the hemisphere, capisce?

What’s odd is that if a woman is wearing something similar, it’s not a problem to most women or fashion trends.  It’s noted as “very sexy, modern, and contoured to the woman’s body” so it should be ok.  NOT.

Fanny Packs

“I’ve got my fanny pack / they were having a sale down at the Gap.”  Weird Al, you rock.  Enough said.

Skinny Jeans

Now here’s an interesting trend.  Skinny jeans made for women are labeled as “chic, trendy, and cool,” but for guys, it’s “ugly, gross, etc.”  You get the drift.  Why is this piece of fabric viewed differently for both genders?  The argument that male fat and tightness by the jeans cause great shocks and bad looks from people can be conversely said to female chunkiness being exposed by the jeans.  Face it, if you’re fat or have a bad body shape (i.e. pear), don’t wear this “trend.”  Be a good sport and, as Stacy and Clinton would say, be classy without sacrificing your personal style.  Or sacrificing our lunch.

White Undershirts

Okay, folks.  I wholeheartedly agree that white tanks and wife-beaters made for being used as undershirts should not be used as your MAIN shirt.  That goes for all of you hip hop heads, wanna be gangstas who think that wife-beaters will make you look OG or legit.

However, as the caption stated on this particular category, “If the man in question looked like this in a tank, perhaps women wouldn’t mind.”  Again, there’s that double-standard of dress and fashion that, as long as the guy looks like Johnny Depp, he can wear whatever he wants and people will still ogle for him.  Bah.  I quote from Nacho Libre: “Whatever!”

Too Much Jewelry

Another “unisex” fashion faux pas.  I can argue similarly to how other celebrities like Lindsay HO-lan or Paris Hilton use their jewelry to show off their stuff, with the public and the media adoring their fashion trends because they are, well, themselves.  But for guys, it can be considered awful to have BIG jewelry and MORE of them.  I advise for simplicity and subtlety, like maybe a nice small necklace and one ring on each hand.  Flashy belt my butt… I would rather go for something more elegant, like a solid buckle belt, or a classic black belt.

Baseball Hats

I will defend against the comment that “the guy with the day off HAS to wear a baseball hat” by saying this: We don’t want to do our hair, we don’t want to fix ourselves up to show off to anyone.  All we want to do is relax.  That’s not to say that consistent wearing of it is good or bad.  I would even define this argument more clearly by saying, “What kind/style of hat are we talking about?” and “How often is it done?”

Another “unisex” argument here is that women go to shopping malls, fast food places, ice cream shops, cafes, and other public places WITH baseball hats for the very same reason that we do:  They want a quick fix to their hair, put on little makeup, and just go.  Women with kids know this full well.  But again, the questions raised should be how often and what kind/style is being portrayed in the outfit.

Clothing That Doesn’t Fit Properly

Yes, Yes, Yes!  This is one fashion faux pas that really bugs me, and again, something that is AND SHOULD be argued for both genders.  A shirt that is too small for a body builder is going to have the same look as a woman (fat or not) with shirt tighter than her bra.


For all of the hoopla about what irks women about men’s fashion tastes, the same if not similar, can be reversed back to them.  Don’t forget that most of these fashion blunders are trends, so they typically don’t last for long.  So get over it, move on, and worry about your own lack of personal style.


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