Key to Fashion Success: Self-Confidence


No matter what kind of personality you have, and no matter what fashion sense or trend (or in some cases, both) you may think you have, your ability to look great strutting your stuff in a classy and sophisticated fashion boils down to your self-confidence.  Basically, how you carry yourself in any situation, in any circumstance, in any attire, will show through.

Self-confidence is in all of us, but given with different measures.  Some have more and some have less.  Others have more (when they should have less) and some have less (when they should have more).  Self-confidence can also be seen in what we wear, because what we wear can give us a lift/boost in our own self-image.  The pièce de résistance in our outfits can bring us to that whole new level of self-worth and self-confidence, which gives us a sense of accomplishment and pride that leads to our own way of walking, speaking, and engaging.

This is not to say that we replace our complete self-worth with a bunch of fabric.  Not by any means! The clothes are the superficial portion that gives the uplifting and encouragement, and if anything, the illusion that we feel good about ourselves.  And it certainly shouldn’t replace what is totally inside our hearts, minds and souls to begin with.  Rather, what we know and feel is important, what brings joy and happiness, and what brings content and peace, should also translate to what we view ourselves from the outside looking in.  No need for façade, and no hiding behind expensive designer anything.  Our mentality is of confidence and security, not attitude and arrogance, and that should translate in how we showcase ourselves through our clothes wherever we go.


2 thoughts on “Key to Fashion Success: Self-Confidence

  1. I Am Da Man

    As it should be, although at times people will wear what the think will give them confidence instead of vice versa.

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