New Online Coupon and Deal Sites


Hey everyone,

I found some great new online coupon deals and sites, and I hope that this new collection will help you in the upcoming Christmas Season!

Dealnews seems pretty sweet. When I first came to the site, it automatically recognized my geolocation and provided a tab for me to search local deals online.  You can take that functionality as a somewhat “glorified” Groupon of sort, but it provides more than what Groupon would normally offer.  2 Thumbs up!

Why pay retail?  Exactly… Gottadeal is dead on that.  Briefly checking out the functionality, the product offers, and hottest deals, I think that this can give cats like Retailmenot and Dealnews a run for its money.  It looks and feels very functional and pretty easy to navigate to find what you’re looking for, especially if you can’t find it at the aforementioned sites.

This site is squeaky clean and very easy to look at.  I mean very easy.  Navigation is tight and product displays are pretty well thought out.  Now, when it comes to products, is it the site that most people would want to search first and foremost?  Maybe, maybe not.  But it’s definitely worth a second look!

Couponwinner is strictly a coup0n-based site, like CouponNinja, Couponmoms, etc.  I like the fact that it’s pretty intuitive when it comes to categorical searches, and the hierarchical tabs make it easy to navigate what kind of coupons you are searching for.

Food As Fashion: I Don’t Think So


I just saw this article on Yahoo! about wearing food as a fashion statement.  UGH, can people actually get real?  Don’t get me wrong, I love bananas, salads, and pasta.  And I applaud the creativity behind the ordeal.  As a lover of art, I can definitely see what they’re trying to create and why they’re doing it.  But, sorry Lady Gaga, I don’t care how fashion-forward you think wearing meat is.  Food made for artwork, that I can understand.  Food made for fashion, that I cannot comprehend.

Why on earth would someone from New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any urban city walk around their respective streets walking with spaghetti coming out of your crotch?  OR WORSE!  Next thing you know, penne bolognese is being sold at your local Banana Republic for the same price as their 2-button herringbone blazers.

I get it.  Food is and can be artwork.  But please folks, model for us something that we can actually wear on a practical, every day basis.

SaleMail: A Great Way To Access Tons of Sales


Shop It To Me

SaleMail,’s awesome RSS feed for anything fashion-related, is a great way to get sale news from various fashion designers and retailers.  Want to find the best Nordstrom sales?  Salemail can do that.  What about 7 For All Mankind and Guess?  Salemail can take care of it.  Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Gucci?  No sweat!  What about for my kids, you say?  Sure thing…


It’s all there in SaleMail.  Sign up to get emails, then pick the designers you want to get sales from, and then watch your emails for all the great sales you’ll be getting!

The biggest question is how much can you spend in one sitting??