UPS students help design Croc shoes


Say what????

Let me read that again: writes an article about how University of Puget Sound students help design Croc shoes (with the aid of a professor who happens to be A CROC TESTER ).  WHAT A BUNCH OF CROCK…

Crocs are THE worst looking shoes ever built.  Talk about fashion faux pas, these shoes are not even worth spending your hard-earned money on, not even to look at!

I’m sure I’m giving some publicity to this, but what in the world??

But then again, I forgot where they were writing it from.  Seattle’s got the cargo pants/wool socks and your choice of Tevas/Birkenstocks/Crocs look.  So maybe this isn’t too abnormal for them after all…

New Site Alert:


ValetMagNew Site Alert!

I found a tweet from JCrew about one of their suits being featured on this site, and after checking it out, it’s pretty cool.  Check out their features:

A Sales and Deals category on the left hand side on their sub-pages indicating different online sales for various retailers, including, Gap, and more.

Grooming, Style, and an “Ask Valet” features for men on the lookout for the latest style, grooming, and fashion-based wisdom.

And to top it off, they have “The Handbook,” a reference guide of helpful style tips, tricks and instructions for everything a man needs in today’s society.

I highly recommend checking this site out and see what you think.  It will definitely impress!