Prada IPO Five Times subscribed


Reuters reported that Prada’s IPO have generated 5x the demand for its original offer, valuing somewhere between $11 billion and $14 billion. Their IPO’s reach will most likely be within the Asian market, where they have recently established retail expansion in China. Their hope is to generate larger revenue, profit, and brand exposure within the Asian market to increase their IPO stature and lure investors into investing in their company.

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In my humble opinion, while I think the “Prada” brand is fantastic, it doesn’t seem to appeal well with higher middle class and/or lower upper class in terms of affordability. I think Gucci and Coach have been more accessible (and growing) for those that can spend the cash for their products, at least within the United States. I don’t really see Prada in that range, which I think is unfortunate.

Banana Republic is Launching Mad Men-Inspired Clothing Line

Banana Republic and Mad Men

Just got word from Fashionista that Banana Republic, one of my many favorite stores, is launching a Mad Men-inspired collection with Janie Bryant. This is awesome news, not just for Mad Men fans who now can get their clothing inspiration from Banana. I admit that I have only seen a few episodes of Mad Men, but I definitely love the fashion in that era. It’s very classic, smooth, crisp, full of masculinity, and very stylish. As Lauren poignantly stated in her post, this collaboration will definitely help Gap’s ability to be seen as a more premier store for men’s [and women’s] wear.

The best part is that the collection hits Banana Republic stores on my birthday!! Birthday shopping 🙂

For more information on this, you should read Lauren’s blog post.

Banana Republic Cotton Patch-Detail Shawl Sweater

Banana Republic Shawl Collar Sweater

Banana Republic has this awesome Shawl Collar Sweater that I totally dig, as it is both comfortable and warm. The heather grey selection is very masculine and makes for a sweet alternate to black. It’s neutral enough to wear with jeans or khakis, yet versatile for most occasions that don’t involve being outdoors. Unfortunately, when you’re living in the south, you won’t have a need for sweaters when you have the piercing of the sun to keep you warm.

Regularly $98.50, this sweater is now on sale for $69.99 at

Express Men’s 60% Off Sale

Express 1MX Shirt

Express is now having their 60% off sale for both Men’s and Women’s wear! I just bought another 1MX shirt this weekend for Father’s Day to add to my plethora of Express shirts. I just love them!

I also like these other items from Express:

Fitted Multi-Pocket Military Shirt

Corded Cotton Producer Pant

Stretched Cotton Producer Pant

What do you think about Express Shirts and Men’s clothing overall?  Give me a shout and let me know your thoughts!