Understanding What Really Goes Into A Bottle of $100 Perfume


We all know that sex sells, and in the fragrance business, scent sells as well. It’s in our nature to go after the scent that envokes a positive response in our bodies, causing us to feel or act that type of energy. Well, Huffington Post just ran a “behind the scenes” look on what it takes to create a perfume (or cologne) in this business — and to no surprise (at least not mine) — the findings [somewhat] stink.

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Kenneth Cole Online Outlet Store Sneak Peek!


Kenneth Cole is showcasing a sneak peek of their online outlet store sale, starting today (5/18) going through 5/21.

Get 40% off select styles at www.kennethcole.com.

Here are some products that I would so love to get:

Kenneth Cole Edge of Reason Loafer

HauteLook $1000 Nordstrom Shopping Spree


For all of you that don’t know, HauteLook is a members-only shopping site owned by Nordstrom since 2011. It has some amazing deals that are usually between 50% to 75% off. Lately, they’re offering a $1000 Nordstrom Shopping Spree for those that become members from an existing member.

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The GQ Guide to Men’s Shoes


GQ just released their GQ Guide to Men’s Shoes, and honestly, I’m very glad that they did. Most guys don’t give a rat’s butt about their shoes, and this should be a good reminder on why they should take care of them, and how to do so.

While I love their thoughts and opinions, I do have something to say in regards to square-toe shoes. Square-toes are just as great-looking as their rounded-toe counterparts, and if I may say so, even better on certain types of attire. The primary thing to consider is to diversify your shoe collection so that you don’t JUST have square-toe shoes. This should be something that GQ should have used as a starting point. Rounded-toe shoes were great back in the day (i.e. cap-toes) and now they’re back in style again (like they never left). Slim-fit jeans and suits are the rave, but just like anything in fashion, these are just fashion trends. So why not have a diversified collection instead, utilizing both square and rounded-toe to compliment style and attire?

GQ Men's Guide to Shoes Loafers and slip-ons are great for any type of style, and I’m glad that GQ made that known. Style is about substance and not necessarily flash. With slip-ons and loafers, you get a great sense of flash that fits your own personal style, without losing substance and quality.

Black is always a great bet for the color, but even different shades of brown can become very classy and very stylish in a second.

I’m more of a “traditional modernist” when it comes to suits, so the only thing that I have to say about it is that I would never wear sneakers and boots with my suits. Well… maybe low-tops with the suits, but it has to look JUST RIGHT. I want it to “go” and not just to “match.”



Finally, sockless in suits are oftentimes made for those who are already well-known (i.e. George Clooney, Brad Pitt), than your average person. I suggest to keep your socks on, unless you’re living off in the Caribbean or somewhere working by the beach.

What are your thoughts?