Oh, the horror of country boot fashion!



Normally I write about men’s fashion and menswear, but this time I will dedicate this blog to women’s fashion and taste (or lack thereof). Most of the time, it is an insult to anyone, especially to a woman who thinks highly of her choice of attire, that they have poor fashion sense. As some of you men (and women) see other women, my guess is that you have seen one or two who is unfortunate enough to be fashion-challenged. I understand and sympathize those not knowing right from wrong, but not those who choose to wear the wrong anyway.

Case in point, the topic of this discussion: country boots, especially worn with short shorts and shirt/tank, or a cute mini summer dress. That’s not even including the Gucci/Coach/Louis Vuitton bag being hauled around with the outfit. I don’t know about you, but that look doesn’t seem right at all — not one bit. Why would you mix the classy with the country? It’s like seeing Willie Nelson in an Armani suit; and to borrow a Stacy (from What Not To Wear fame) quote, That doesn’t MATCH, and it doesn’t GO.


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