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I was into fashion and design since I was 12, and have been a “metrosexual” even before that phrase was coined (though I just didn’t know it yet :P). I guess you can say that I started out in humble beginnings, looking over the vast subscriptions to men’s fashion magazines like GQ and Details and dissecting the clothes, the fabric, the styles, the seasons, and so forth.  I would research why linen would work well in the summers and not winters, why wearing white after Labor Day is only a general rule (“a guideline” as phrased in Pirates of the Caribbean), why certain types of pants make you look better, etc.  I actually emulated my dad’s and brother’s fashion styles and molded it to how I saw fashion (and how fashion was viewed on those magazines).

Gradually, I started to look into becoming involved fashion more profoundly, and ended up participating in local talent and modeling shows in the Northwest. This led to a brief stint in modeling with John Casablancas, with print work for several local and national department stores.  In college, I took classes on design, fashion, and textile fundamentals, and by my sophomore year, I formed my first, albeit very brief, clothing line.  Admittedly, I am not as great into sewing fabric as I am drawing and sketching a compete attire, so I took my visions and skills into the broader fashion sense and worked for Eddie Bauer and Banana Republic.  There, I learned the business and customer end of retail and fashion, and used the wisdom and knowledge gained to start Your Personal Shopping.

Your Personal Shopping is my personal blog of how-to guides, reviews, and collection of sales and deals featuring the latest men’s fashion trends and design resources for every man, every style, and every budget.

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  1. Brittany Banks

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