Awesome Retro IPhone and IPad Cases Under $30


For all of you retro-funkdafied geeky male cats who are just as tech-savvy as you are fashion forward, check out these awesome list of cool iPhone and iPad accessories and cases.

Special thanks to @shopstyle for the product view. I highly recommend downloading the app.

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My Top 5 Colognes of All Time


I’m a big sucker for smelling great, and while deodorant is necessary (especially for guys and girls who think they should go au naturale), I can make a case that colognes are also necessary to feel and smell great.  The only caveat that I have with any cologne is people overspraying to no end.  That just stinks (no pun intended).  Okay, well maybe a little pun…

Below are my top 5 favorite colognes of all time (in no particular order).  What’ s your favorite cologne?

Acqua Di Gio by Armani

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue

Vera Wang for Men

Eternity for Men

Runner Ups:

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

Hugo by Hugo Boss

How to Choose a Watch


I recently had conversations with a friend about choosing a watch for her fiance, and she wanted to figure out what kind and brand of watch she should give him as a wedding present.  Obviously, she had her eyes on specifics, but thought this would be a great post to write about, and maybe help some guys (and girls) along the way.

So really, how do you choose a watch?  Is a watch a watch a watch, or is it more than that?  Hollywood heads would tell you that it’s definitely the latter, granted that they can afford to spend bank on expensive watches that costs more than our entire closet.  But for the rest of us, a watch can be just a watch, just as long as it’s functional.  Right?  Right?!?!?

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X-Men Cuff Links at Nordstrom


Now, as an avid X-Men (and comic book) fan,  I would love to have worn this in my “younger” days, and maybe see this on a nice button-down shirt and make it all geeky-like, as if I was going to a more “professional” comic book convention.  While I think this is an excellent gift to a fan, fashion-wise and style-wise, I don’t think this will help any professional look like a professional.  Unless you’re in the comic industry.

What do you think?  Thoughts or comments are welcome!

Armani Exchange: New April Collection

Armani Exchange Spring Collection 2010

Armani Exchange Spring Collection 2010

Armani Exchange launches their new Spring collection, just in time for Spring Break.  Check out the latest and greatest in their Spring Break Essentials:

Armani Exchange Tonal Stripe Sweater

Armani Exchange Tonal Stripe Sweater

Lightweight V-Neck with graduated stripes, perfect for layering!

Comes in White, Cirrus or Ice Pink


Armani Exchange Sporty Aviator Sunglasses

Armani Exchange Sporty Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Glasses with white frame

Metal detail on top frame

Metal logo detail on temples


And for all you fans of PayPal, Armani Exchange is now accepting PAYPAL!  Have fun shopping!

The Latest Fashion High-Tech Accessories


Yahoo!’s Shine article about Fashion’s High-Tech accessories seemed odd at first glance, but being the techie geek that I also am, ended up being quite fascinating to see.

A digital clutch that is also a laptop?  From Vivienne Tam??? Sounds very “Go go Gadget” and Penny to me.

Calvin Klein USB Memory Shades?  Now that’s something to think about.

A watch that is also a phone with a Bluetooth headset?  Didn’t Swatch make this stuff years ago?

What do you think?  Is this fashionable enough for the fashionistas, or is this Fashion’s attempt to cater to the geeks as well?

Brand of the Week – 8.18.09

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole

My Brand of the Week is none other than Kenneth Cole, makers of great, comfortable, and modern menswear and accessories.

What I love most about Kenneth Cole is its pound-for-pound value.  Whether it’s shoes, ties, suits, watches, tees, or other clothing pieces, they have often surpassed my expectations on what I see great clothing should be.  Their looks are sophisticated, classy, and stylish, with variable hints of minimalism and modern flair.  Their tailoring is fitted, their materials classic, and their outlook is never about steering away from class.  Rather, their style displays an embodiment of modern class and sophistication without sacrificing value and comfort.

I love the way I can look good with their clothes and feel good about my purchases, knowing that they have a long-lasting durability to their products.

Kudos to you, KC.