For all you Black Friday Shoppers


There are tons of sales happening right now, as you may very well know.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…  Who is this Encarnacion?

Oops, my bad: good movie (Nacho Libre), wrong timing.

Here are some of my fave sales happening so far:

DSW’s $20 off sale and $29.95 boots has a 25% off Everything sale

Kenneth Cole’s 41% off Black Friday Sale

Gap’s 50% off Sweaters sale

Armani Exchange’s $50 off every $150 purchase in-store or online free shipping on orders of $100 or more (use HOLIDAY09 code) free shipping with HOLIDAY9 code AND 60% off Thanksgiving sale

Steve Madden: 30% off entire order plus Free Standard Shipping with code MADDEN30 at checkout! (Expires 12/7).  15% off orders of $50 or more plus Free Shipping! Use code SHOPIT15N at checkout.

I’m sure there are more happening, but you get the drift.  Enjoy the sales!

Kenneth Cole: Black Friday Sale


For all you Kenneth Cole fans, check out their Black Friday sales now.  There are lots of funky fresh items on sale this year, and lots of great gifts for under $75:

Kenneth Cole New York Sateen Solid Dress Shirt

Kenneth Cole New York Sateen Solid Dress Shirt

Price: $59.50, 2 for $80

Buy the shirt!

Kenneth Cole Stola Scarf

Kenneth Cole Stola Scarf

Price: $58.00

Buy the scarf!

Kenneth Cole Pinstripe Fedora Hat

Kenneth Cole Pinstripe Fedora Hat

Price: $48.00 (a steal!!)

Buy the hat!


Kenneth Cole Black Enamel Cufflinks with Pyramid Studs

Kenneth Cole Black Enamel Cufflinks with Pyramid Studs

Price: $60.00

Buy the cufflinks!

There’s more to peruse and buy at Kenneth Cole.  Check them out and have a great Thanksgiving!


Black Friday Dirty Secrets…



Of course, the latest on Black Friday deals come with a price: “dirty” secrets from the industry that curb shoppers to spend. The one trick that does bug me a lot is the “limited quantity” verbiage, where a retailer will have only specific amounts of items on their doorbuster sale to create a less-supply/more-demand environment to boost visitors to their respective sales floors (physical store or online). That practice has been going on for YEARS, and yet people are still shopping those types of sales, regardless of what happens.

While I do not agree with that practice at all, I would hesitate to even say that it’s not even worth taking the time to peek and see what other sales the company or retailer has that’s not fully advertised.  Finding that gem, even when not on the main spread of your ad, can be a great gem to buy 🙂

Black Friday Sales for 2009


Black Friday is coming up soon, and what better way to get you all excited about the great sales coming out!  Below you will find a few sites that will surely whet your shopping appetite.  Tis the season indeed, except it’s not Christmas yet LOL  🙂 is a great source for all Black Friday sales and ads.  Stores in’s list include BestBuy, Kohl’s, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Amazon, Walmart, and more! also has a plethora of sales ads for all Black Friday enthusiasts 🙂 is another Black Friday-specific site that caters to showing retailer deals for your shopping spree.

And for you Mac enthusiasts, MacWorld even mentioned that Apple JUST may have some Black Friday deals on its sweet products…