Express Men’s 60% Off Sale

Express 1MX Shirt

Express is now having their 60% off sale for both Men’s and Women’s wear! I just bought another 1MX shirt this weekend for Father’s Day to add to my plethora of Express shirts. I just love them!

I also like these other items from Express:

Fitted Multi-Pocket Military Shirt

Corded Cotton Producer Pant

Stretched Cotton Producer Pant

What do you think about Express Shirts and Men’s clothing overall?  Give me a shout and let me know your thoughts!

Express Summer Essentials


Thanks to @ExpressLisaG for the heads up on this!

Express’ summer essentials are now available to view and buy!  I’m a big fan of this year’s short-sleeve military shirts.  I think Express has done a great job of developing and designing their summer products.

What do you think of their summer line?  Let me know!

How To Be OK With Wearing What You Have


Not all of us are rich enough to afford new clothes every month, week or day; and I am sure that a lot of you out there are just trying to make by with what you have.  Not to fret!  You can still keep wearing what you’ve got and, with a little creativity, get by with some stylish pointers while limiting your spending habit!

Colors and Patterns

Sometimes, all you need to do is to look at your clothes differently from how you’ve been wearing them.  Do you pair your jeans or pants with your usual bland colors?  Try switching out your favorite shirts with those that have different patterns or graphics for a better look.  Want to get extreme?  Get (a little) louder and wear more vibrant colors to offset your normal jean attire.  Express, J. Crew, and Kenneth Cole all have great, vibrant shirts and colors to mix and match with.

Texture and Style

Pair up different textures to get mileage of your clothes.  Try experimenting with different ways to match your outfits, like matching a linen shirt with khakis, or a cashmere-blend pique polo with jeans.  Trying to be a rockstar?  No sweat.  Graphic shirts (especially vintage ones) can be of various materials that will definitely show.  Some are cotton or cotton-blends, others are polyester or poly-blends.

Accessorize.  Seriously.

Ok, so you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have neon green shirts or Guns ‘N Roses tees to match my jeans.”  No problem.  This is a classic case of letting your accessories make the difference.  Unique belts, bracelets (yes, guys can wear bracelets.  Ask Kenneth Cole), sweet necklaces, and even head wear can make a difference to your outfit.

A vintage tee paired with a cool belt buckle and trendy jeans with a fedora hat can make a statement!

Now get creative and enjoy!

Express Pants for Men


Express pants are one of my fave brands of pants due to their excellent comfort and relatively inexpensive prices.  The Producer and Photographer pants are quite comfortable and stylish, with different textures and arrays of colors to keep the modern man (like moi) satisfied.  While the Producer and Photographer pants aren’t their only options, these are pretty much my top two in their lineup, providing such comfort as stretch cotton to cotton sateen, from pinstripes to solids and everything in between. 

Check out their pant sale going on right now!

How To Dress Up a Suit in 3 Ways


A great suit isn’t just a suit that can be worn as is. A suit should be able to be versatile in other combinations of attire as well as superb and comfortable by itself. If personal style is the defining factor that will ultimately showcase the overall look, pieces to compliment the suit will help accentuate the personal style. Let’s look at ways to make the suite more versatile.

The Debonair Look

A suit by itself should be striking and fittingly comfortable; and by striking I mean elegant, handsome, and vibrant.  Regardless if it’s a 2-piece or 3-piece suit, you can’t go wrong with a great suit when:

  1. The fabric is comfortable and doesn’t look cheap.  Wool Gabardine is an easy fabric that is lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and is quite form-fitting.
  2. The style and type accentuates your body and the look you’re going for.  Light to medium weight pinstripes should be a good standard for most body types.
  3. The tailoring fits well with your own body. Don’t go baggy on the suit, but ensure that you actually fit comfortably in both the jacket and the pants, and the pants do not sag nor run down farther than base of your ankles.

A good suit with a nicely pressed solid button-down shirt, such as Nordstrom’s classics, Armani Exchange’s slims, or Express’s MX1, should keep you looking freshly debonair.  Add a little spiciness by changing classic colors to bolder, modern colors (lavender, steel gray, royal blue, for examples), or introduce bold stripes to your color to enhance the interest factor.

In selecting ties, try choosing colors that are at least 2 shades away from your primary color palette for a classic look.  For bolder looks, look for adjacent color schemes by alternating neutral colors with striking patterns or colors.

Selecting accessories for great suits should never be taken lightly.  I suggest using modern square toes from Kenneth Cole or Cole Haan, or for a more sophisticated feel, go for Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada, or Nordstrom pointed toes or cap toes.  A great black leather belt and cuff links can be found at Kenneth Cole.

The Relaxed Look

With a great suit, you can also mix and match tops and bottoms to make your outfit more versatile.  Pair up your suit jacket with a polo shirt from Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic or Armani Exchange to transform the sophistication of the jacket into more of a relaxed feel.

A nice dark denim jeans from Rock and Republic should be sufficient in keeping things down to earth, and driving mocs from Banana Republic or Steve Madden will definitely complete the outfit.

Add in Kenneth Cole New York watches and bracelets, and you will be good to go.

The Semi-Formal Look

Use the pants to establish the foundation of this look by pairing it with a more formal style pique polo from Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Burberry, or Brooks Brothers.  Or for a bit more sophistication without being too sophisticated, get long-sleeve button-downs from Brooks Brothers or Banana Republic, or even use a v-neck cashmere sweater or sweatshirt from Kenneth Cole.

Keep the style uniform with Banana Republic or Nordstrom loafers.  For a more edgy look, go for Kenneth Cole or Cole Haan shoewear.

I typically would keep watches and accessories from Kenneth Cole, but higher end Fossil, or lower-end Movados or Bulgaris should keep conversations entertaining.

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Driving Cap

Express Driving Cap Glenn Plaid

Driving Cap Glenn Plaid

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Express Fitted Military Shirt White Stripe

Express Fitted Military Shirt White Stripe

Fitted Military Shirt

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Express St. Michael Graphic Tee

Express St. Michael Graphic Tee

St. Michael Graphic Tee

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Express Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Express Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

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Express Velvet Fedora Hat

Express Velvet Fedora Hat

Velvet Fedora Hat

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