50% Off at Kenneth Cole’s Online Outlet Until April 1, 2013


The Good News!!

Kenneth Cole Outlet 50% Off Sale As always, Kenneth Cole has great sales, and their style and taste in men’s fashion never becomes dull or out of style.

Take into account this sale: 50% off on some fabulous shirts and pants, including this Long-sleeved Mixed Pattern Shirt for $39.98 + 50% off.

What I love about Kenneth Cole shirts are that you can mix and match them most easily than other brands; the style, fit, and cut play well when paired with dark denim jeans for a more casual and comfortable look or with subtle pinstripe pants for a more devilishly sleek attire.

You can’t go wrong with a multi-faceted piece of clothing!

Or how about their military shirts in black or white? The best part? They’re already priced well ($49.98), and you can take an additional 40% off on both!

Kenneth Cole Military shirtKenneth Cole Military shirt

The Bad News!!

They’re only 50% off until TOMORROW! So, if you want those awesome clothes, you better hurry up while it lasts!

In case you didn’t already know, here’s the link to get that sweet deal.

Kenneth Cole Online Outlet Store Sneak Peek!


Kenneth Cole is showcasing a sneak peek of their online outlet store sale, starting today (5/18) going through 5/21.

Get 40% off select styles at www.kennethcole.com.

Here are some products that I would so love to get:

Kenneth Cole Edge of Reason Loafer

7 For All Mankind Relaxed Fit in Salton Sea Jeans


7 For All Mankind

This is a great pair of jeans! I really love the distressed look without being too overdone like a lot of jeans nowadays. The darker wash under the distressed look makes it very modern without looking very trashy.

The front is where most of the distressed portion is highlighted, and the butt is where the highlight stops, which really does emphasize the length/height of the jeans without going overboard.

This is now on sale from $178.00 to $109.00. Find your size at 7forallmankind.com.


Stylish Clothes for the “Mature” Man


First of all, let me say that the “mature” man doesn’t equate to the intellect, character, personality or hygiene of that person. As “mature” women are being called for those NOT petite or skinny, the “mature” man can be considered in the same way. Living in the south, there are more “mature” men here than anywhere else I have been.
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LastCall.com by Neiman Marcus


I just discovered this from my SaleMail email, and absolutely am fascinated with the site. Love the fact that they have higher end products, and for a higher-end retailer, they seem to have some good sales and “cheap-er” prices.

If you’re a jean guy like me, you will love the 7 For All Mankind sale happening now. The denim sale they’re showcasing is a great catch, with at least 20% off on most jeans 🙂

MEN: Is it Okay to Wear Women’s Jeans?


So, here’s a question that I am sure is a no-brainer to most guys (and I say that loosely):  Is it okay to wear women’s jeans?

My answer is a resounding NO!  I don’t care who you are, how awesome you think you are, and how much money or fame you have accumulated.  No, it is not okay to wear women’s jeans.  That’s just wrong.  Aside from the obvious, women’s jeans are fit for a woman’s body, not a guy’s body.  Women’s jeans have a certain style and fit to them that contours their shape and makes them, well, women.

Don’t be fooled by any fashion trend, especially one that thinks it is cool and hip to wear another gender’s attire.