Stylish Clothes for the “Mature” Man


First of all, let me say that the “mature” man doesn’t equate to the intellect, character, personality or hygiene of that person. As “mature” women are being called for those NOT petite or skinny, the “mature” man can be considered in the same way. Living in the south, there are more “mature” men here than anywhere else I have been.
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Kenneth Cole Memorial Day Sale!


Just got my regular Kenneth Cole newsletter and love the sale that’s going on for their Memorial Day event, starting on May 21 through May 26. Check this out:

For all their entire collection:
For every $100 spent, get 25% off.
For every $200 spent, get 30% off.
For every $300 spent, get 40% off.
For every $400 spent, get 45% off.

You can use this in their retail stores, on their web site, or by phone at 1-800-KEN-COLE.

Also check out their sale items!  I personally like this Ribbed Hooded Sweater, match it with Driver Policy Loafers or the Crescent Moon (Sport) with the New Signature Plaque belt.  Tag that with any of your own personal accessories to make it more unique, and you’ve got an outfit, baby.

Mixing patterns and fabrics


With fall already here and winter on its way, it’s a good chance you already have your warm attire out of the bags and into your closets.  In this seasons, what better way to celebrate the cold with great coffee at Tully’s!  Oh wait, wrong state…  Instead of coffee, let’s look at cool patterns and fabrics to use and mix to keep you warm.

Fabric: wool, agora, cashmere, and their respective blends.  Some would be pick wool as the best and highly picked choice, especially merino wool and the like.  Some clothing manufacturers/designers use merino wool in fine and finer threads, which makes it perfect for casual and formal attire and is slightly suitable for those who experience allergies with wool.  My preference is in cashmere and its less likeable cashmere blends for its more refined cut and needed tailoring, especially with higher end retailers.  Unfortunately, shopping for bargain-priced cashmere aren’t often found around these areas to begin with (but thankfully, Nordstroms is coming soon!  At least 1.5 years more to go).  I don’t think men’s clothing comes in agora, or at least I haven’t seen any in most department or specialty stores, so I can’t really give out great advice on that.

Public Opinion Argyle Sweater

Public Opinion Argyle Sweater

Patterns: Argyle, stripes, solids.  Each has its own advantages to certain body types and characteristics.  For thinner and taller body types, typically one would want to accentuate them with bolder colors and patterns, and if using stripes, to choose thick, horizontal stripes to create width and depth.  Shorter or thicker body types can use argyle and thinner, vertical stripes to present taller frames.

Mixing and matching argyle sweaters with solid-colored button down shirts, topped with striped scarves would be a great example of blending patterns and fabrics in colder weather.