Oh, the horror of country boot fashion!



Normally I write about men’s fashion and menswear, but this time I will dedicate this blog to women’s fashion and taste (or lack thereof). Most of the time, it is an insult to anyone, especially to a woman who thinks highly of her choice of attire, that they have poor fashion sense. As some of you men (and women) see other women, my guess is that you have seen one or two who is unfortunate enough to be fashion-challenged. I understand and sympathize those not knowing right from wrong, but not those who choose to wear the wrong anyway.

Case in point, the topic of this discussion: country boots, especially worn with short shorts and shirt/tank, or a cute mini summer dress. That’s not even including the Gucci/Coach/Louis Vuitton bag being hauled around with the outfit. I don’t know about you, but that look doesn’t seem right at all — not one bit. Why would you mix the classy with the country? It’s like seeing Willie Nelson in an Armani suit; and to borrow a Stacy (from What Not To Wear fame) quote, That doesn’t MATCH, and it doesn’t GO.


UPS students help design Croc shoes


Say what????

Let me read that again:  King5.com writes an article about how University of Puget Sound students help design Croc shoes (with the aid of a professor who happens to be A CROC TESTER ).  WHAT A BUNCH OF CROCK…

Crocs are THE worst looking shoes ever built.  Talk about fashion faux pas, these shoes are not even worth spending your hard-earned money on, not even to look at!

I’m sure I’m giving some publicity to this, but what in the world??

But then again, I forgot where they were writing it from.  Seattle’s got the cargo pants/wool socks and your choice of Tevas/Birkenstocks/Crocs look.  So maybe this isn’t too abnormal for them after all…

Food As Fashion: I Don’t Think So


I just saw this article on Yahoo! about wearing food as a fashion statement.  UGH, can people actually get real?  Don’t get me wrong, I love bananas, salads, and pasta.  And I applaud the creativity behind the ordeal.  As a lover of art, I can definitely see what they’re trying to create and why they’re doing it.  But, sorry Lady Gaga, I don’t care how fashion-forward you think wearing meat is.  Food made for artwork, that I can understand.  Food made for fashion, that I cannot comprehend.

Why on earth would someone from New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any urban city walk around their respective streets walking with spaghetti coming out of your crotch?  OR WORSE!  Next thing you know, penne bolognese is being sold at your local Banana Republic for the same price as their 2-button herringbone blazers.

I get it.  Food is and can be artwork.  But please folks, model for us something that we can actually wear on a practical, every day basis.

MEN: Is it Okay to Wear Women’s Jeans?


So, here’s a question that I am sure is a no-brainer to most guys (and I say that loosely):  Is it okay to wear women’s jeans?

My answer is a resounding NO!  I don’t care who you are, how awesome you think you are, and how much money or fame you have accumulated.  No, it is not okay to wear women’s jeans.  That’s just wrong.  Aside from the obvious, women’s jeans are fit for a woman’s body, not a guy’s body.  Women’s jeans have a certain style and fit to them that contours their shape and makes them, well, women.

Don’t be fooled by any fashion trend, especially one that thinks it is cool and hip to wear another gender’s attire.

Men’s 10 Biggest Fashion Crimes


Yahoo!’s fashion article about men’s fashion no-no’s comes to no surprise, as most men would know that [universally] they have limited fashion sense to begin with.  Coming from a fashion mentality, it is wise to note that to view fashion in its own definition is defined by multiple variables; among them are personal style, designer input and ideas, global fashion perceptions, and so forth.  I wanted to write a comment on their site, but figured 1 out of 3000+ comments won’t make my voice heard.  Instead, I am posting my comments and thoughts here. Continue reading

X-Men Cuff Links at Nordstrom


Now, as an avid X-Men (and comic book) fan,  I would love to have worn this in my “younger” days, and maybe see this on a nice button-down shirt and make it all geeky-like, as if I was going to a more “professional” comic book convention.  While I think this is an excellent gift to a fan, fashion-wise and style-wise, I don’t think this will help any professional look like a professional.  Unless you’re in the comic industry.

What do you think?  Thoughts or comments are welcome!

The 7 Style Mistakes All Guys Make – Response


Just recently saw an article from Yahoo! about 7 style mistakes that all guys make, and I do think that they have some great points that, thankfully, are being addressed.

The Leather Jacket

The appearance of a clothing piece should accentuate the body type of a person, and this is usually done through the tailoring of that piece.  So yes, I agree that it shouldn’t be baggy or slouchy, and it should create a better form/shape of that person.  The jacket should feel “snug,” as the article pointed out, but it shouldn’t restrict movement and flexibility.  I do have to say that I like their choice of the bomber jacket from Dolce & Gabbana.

The Barack Obama Jeans

I haven’t owned a pair since the 80’s, and even looking at the “trends” now, the 80’s are coming back.  But just because the trend is here doesn’t mean it will last.  Stick with darker denim that has room for the crotch and makes your appearance straight and tall.  Bootcut jeans are typically very nice for slimming down one’s physique.

And yes, get rid of the Seinfeld-esque sneakers and go for something more stylish, hip, and put together.  H&M was suggested, but I can also argue for brands like Coach, Cole Haan, Armani Exchange, Kenneth Cole, and Steve Madden.

The Cheap Tie

I’ve been on a case that accessories should be invested upon as much as one can possibly afford (at a reasonable amount, of course).  Why? Because accessories also accentuate your physique as well as the overall look.  It helps polish your attire and oftentimes makes things “fit” together.  Cheap ties, as in most things cheap, don’t possess the quality necessary to withstand the wear and tear.  They feel coarse, the prints look cheap, and the threads/material feel like they’ve been made with bamboo.

Sagging Suit Pants

Ahh, yes.  The sagging pants.  Shameless confession: I can’t really say I haven’t done this, but I have repented and moved on long time ago.  It’s easy to really get stuck in this rut, especially if you are shorter than the average person.  I agree with the article: take your pants to a tailor.  While it is much better to find pants that fit both vertically and horizontally, it oftentimes do not happen, especially in the sale racks.  So, if you buy something on sale at Banana Republic that works on the waist, but not length-wise, take it to a good tailor, or for an extra $10 bucks or so, get the store to hem it for you.

The Pancake Collar

Honestly, if you have the money to buy a great suit, you should also have (or try to invest in) the time to take care of the suit AND its other parts: shirt, shoes, accessories.  I know we all get lazy at times, and I know that a lot of guys just give up and figured a great suit will negate the sloppy shirts.  Well, the suit in and of itself may be great, but again, it’s all about the whole and not just the sum of its parts.  Take the time to iron your stuff if needed.  Or, as the article suggested, buy shirts with firm collars and invest in collar stays (those plastic things).

Right Suit, Wrong Belt

I can even make the case for the right suit but the wrong shoes as well.  I went to a friend’s wedding once where the groom (my friend) wore an awesome tux and Birkenstocks.  Yes, he’s from the Pacific Northwest and he’s an outdoors kind-of-guy, but a good outfit doesn’t have to be ruined by the shoes or accessories you wear.  Each piece of accessory or clothing needs to compliment the outfit.  I like the article’s point of view; if you have things that don’t fit the suit or the outfit, retire it.

The Oversize Suit

Come on, people.  This isn’t the 80’s with the massive shoulder pads.  Today’s modern suit is form-fitting, and even if you don’t think form-fitting is going to look good for you, think again.  Lots of suits are made specifically for your type of body (granted some are quite expensive), but these suits don’t just make the man, they make them look fantastic. And even if you do get a suit that looks a little big, invest in a great tailor that can help you look great for that job interview or that work-related lunch meeting.  You’re not just investing in what you wear, but you’re investing in your confidence and overall appeal, both short-term and long-term.