Black Friday Sales for 2009


Black Friday is coming up soon, and what better way to get you all excited about the great sales coming out!  Below you will find a few sites that will surely whet your shopping appetite.  Tis the season indeed, except it’s not Christmas yet LOL  🙂 is a great source for all Black Friday sales and ads.  Stores in’s list include BestBuy, Kohl’s, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Amazon, Walmart, and more! also has a plethora of sales ads for all Black Friday enthusiasts 🙂 is another Black Friday-specific site that caters to showing retailer deals for your shopping spree.

And for you Mac enthusiasts, MacWorld even mentioned that Apple JUST may have some Black Friday deals on its sweet products…

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Deals


This is a sweet post from the techies in Yahoo! that will help all the Black Friday shoppers get their act together in terms of preparing for the shopping and the sweet deals that are coming.

1. Find the ads: This is FIRST AND FOREMOST.  There are sweet deals on sites everywhere, and I’ve already listed some in my previous blog for you.  However, is also worth putting on your list of places to check out.  They have pages that is constantly updated with all major Black Friday ads and the website also has a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that organizes all Black Friday items into one sweet place, making it easy to view all of your potential shopping at once. Next is…

2. Prioritize your list:  Have you ever been grocery shopping without a list and expect to spend only a small chunk of change, only to stand in the self-check aisle and see your grocery bill rise?  You’ll need to write a list and prioritize them in the order that you want them and where you’re getting them.  You can break this list down into geographical, categorical, or topical sections to make it easy for you to plan your days.  You can even write sticky notes on your car or fridge to help you remember.  Put your organizational genius into use and make it easy for yourself at this time of season.  Trust me, that tactic is much better than going shopping without a plan.  You’ll find yourself needing to be bailed out like this financial crisis.

3. Learn the rules:  Know the store hours for each place you want to go (my personal favorite is Best Buy opening at 5:00 am).  Grab any vouchers or coupons that stores give out when they open (as long as it is within reason of your budget).  If you can, try to find out how much stock of your items are on each store, which will save you from going from store to store to find out they’ve run out of the Wii.  

4. Coordinate with others: A partner in crime is helpful.  REALLY helpful, especially if you have to wait in line for the stores to open.  Bring a friend or two.  They’ll help you fight for that last Wii console from a screaming lady and her 2 kids.  The bigger and faster the friends, the better! 

5.  Pack accordingly: Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, sleeping bags, wood/kindling/matches for a campfire, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for smores.  No, seriously.