Kenneth Cole Worlds Finest Ornament Slip-On Shoe


I have to hand it to my man, Kenneth Cole.  I absolutely love his shoes.  Very modern, sleek, stylish, comfortable, and best of all, they fit well with any outfit.  Thanks to, I received a Sale Mail that pointed me to the latest sales on the brands that I love.  Check out this tight KC shoe on sale at Macy’s.

Kenneth Cole Worlds Finest Ornament Slip-On Shoes

Kenneth Cole Worlds Finest Ornament Slip-On Shoes

Ok, how can you not go wrong with this? This is not your dad’s slip-on or your grandfather’s. It’s sleek, modern, and so in style. When you’re looking for any clothing piece, the general guidelines are that you want something that will be versatile, and Kenneth Cole pulls it off well.  Want to look polished?  This bad boy can go business as usual in the daytime and is an excellent addition to the water cooler Olympic discussions.  Pair this up with some dark Diesel jeans, crisp button-down collar shirt, and a black Banana Republic Pinstripe 3-button blazer, and this baby will turn heads in a swanky bar at night before you can order your scotch on the rocks.  As my man Mikey put it, “single malt, as long as it’s not a blend…”

The Rat Pack will be so proud of you.