Express Summer Essentials


Thanks to @ExpressLisaG for the heads up on this!

Express’ summer essentials are now available to view and buy!  I’m a big fan of this year’s short-sleeve military shirts.  I think Express has done a great job of developing and designing their summer products.

What do you think of their summer line?  Let me know!

50% Off After Christmas Sale at


Check out the after Christmas sale from!

Driving Cap

Express Driving Cap Glenn Plaid

Driving Cap Glenn Plaid

Was $29.50, now $19.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Express Fitted Military Shirt White Stripe

Express Fitted Military Shirt White Stripe

Fitted Military Shirt

Was $59.50, now $29.99, and take an additional 20% off!

Express St. Michael Graphic Tee

Express St. Michael Graphic Tee

St. Michael Graphic Tee

Was $39.50, now $14.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Express Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Express Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Was $39.50, now $19.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Express Velvet Fedora Hat

Express Velvet Fedora Hat

Velvet Fedora Hat

Was $39.50, now $19.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Check more of their fantastic sales at!

Father’s Day


Father’s day is coming up soon, so here are some great ways to get great gifts (and save $$) for the father(s) in your lives!

With the “new” Bing live and running, I’ve checked out some cool electronics for all you gadget dads out there.  I personally would get an iPod, but I wouldn’t discount the Zune products either.  Coming from the land of Microsoft, it has very cool features that most iPods don’t have, but I would still get the iPod anyway LOL.

And with summer being on the horizon, check out the summer sales that DSW has for you fathers out there.  There are some good shoes on sale here that I wouldn’t miss buying!

Let’s not forget Your Personal Shopper’s favorites, like Armani Exchange’s summer sale event.  Up to 70% off of your latest Armani fashions!  Check out their Under $29 sale and their Tees selection as well!

Here are some more places to get great deals on your shopping spree 🙂


So go get shopping for your Dad!  Just do me a favor: don’t buy him Crocs, okay? sale! 40% off on 1MX Shirts


I actually happen to like 1MX shirts from Express. They’re very comfortable and easy to fit into. The fit seems to be right with my body type and of course, it looks great!

Check out their sales now!

I personally like this outfit, especially with how the color scheme is presented. A great blue color that is FITTED mixed with a very nice gray trousers for the workplace, and switch the pants with a dark denim bootcut jeans, and you’re set for the night 🙂


Tons of Sales!!!


Ok, it’s been a minute since I’ve written something up, but hang tight, since I’ve got some schtuff for you all today. Check these bad boys out!

Macy’s One Day Sale – Macy’s is having a one day sale on Saturday, February 21 from 8-11 am and a Shop Preview Day on Friday, February 20 from 9-11 am. On top of that, there is an extra 50% off clearance! – Express is also having a clearance sale on their suits and suit separates, and are continuing their Shop The Box clearance, starting at $9.99 and 40% off on top of that.  If you want to get the latest trends from Express, follow them on Twitter at

And from my Sale Mail email from my friends at, check out some latest sales from various online stores: is having a free shipping on orders $200 or greater with code SFASHIP at checkout! This expires on 2/23/2009. is also having sales on their wide variety of shoes, including some of my fave Kenneth Cole shoes! is clearing out their coats, including fantastic Cole Haan Cashmere Quilt coats. This is a Shop It To Me Exclusive! Free shipping on ALL SmartBargains orders. Free shipping is great!

Express Shop The Box Sale


Check out the Express Shop The Box sale happening right now! $9.99 and above, plus 40% off the clearance price!  That is an amazing deal for all of you bargain shoppers, but also beware of what this entails: limited sizes, limited choices, limited colors.  But if you can find a diamond in that rough, it’s definitely worth it!

And of course, as the winter months are slowly moving and giving way to spring, Express is also introducing their line of casual shirts, just for all of you early spring shoppers!

A Time to Vent


Shopping to me is just as much bred into my life as drinking coffee, breathing, and playing music.  One thing that really does bother me (if I can even call it being bothered) about shopping is not necessarily the ability to shop, but the environment where your ability is exercised.  I am writing this blog in a hotel room near Dulles airport in DC, and after being in a couple of malls within a 15 mile radius during the past 3 days, I have come to the conclusion that I am much more of a shopping snob than I have anticipated.  Let me explain.

I love big metropolitan cities, and usually big metropolitan cities have big shopping areas that hosts both your local/average shops and high-end couture.  Why is being in a metropolitan city a big deal?  Because it generally contains both quality and quantity value, something you don’t really find in smaller cities or “growing” metropolitan cities.  I love New York and all of its shopping glory.  I love SoCal because of the many places where I can get great deals on high-end shops.  And after visiting the quaintness of Reston Town Center to the “grandeur” of Tysons Corner, I came to the conclusion that the value of shopping does have weight when it is surrounded in an environment where that value is shown in all of its grandeur.  The mall at Tysons Corner is very big and definitely has lots to offer to various types of shoppers.  It even has a good portion of shops that I am very familiar with in the West Coast — shops and restaurants like Armani, Gordon Biersch, Movado, Aldo, Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters, Kenneth Cole, Nordstroms, and H&M — shops that aren’t your typical mall retailers like Express, Abercrombie, Banana, etc.

And while I am a good sport in finding great places to shop anywhere, I’m also very critical of where those places are in comparison.  I know that shopping in Manhattan will never compare to shopping in Oklahoma City, nor will shopping in Promenade be any better than shopping anywhere in Montana.  Moreover, for a supposedly “metropolitan” area (and I question the value placed on that word), where I live now is neither the best place to shop nor the worst, but it certainly does not make it easy on metros like me who wish for a supposedly “metropolitan” area to have great shopping centers.

There is a certain responsibility that the environment around that area has on building up such shopping grandeur.  There must be a level of progressiveness and a healthy balance of quality and value in that development; however, the perspective should also be progressive and the drive to move forward, to provide the best that THAT city can offer.  Even if I end on that note – which I won’t – I can only define my thoughts based on the actual experience and knowledge that I have and compare that knowledge and experience with others I have encountered.  The fact there are only 2 “fantastic” malls to shop in my area doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a level of progressiveness and drive to move forward, because I know for a fact that there is such a level and perspective.  But, as I sit here contemplating on that, I am wondering how fast that level and perspective of “progressiveness” is being embraced.  I already have my own views on such an environment, and I don’t even want to create havoc on exposing that just because I want great shopping centers.  What I want is more than that, but shopping centers are a great tangible result that shows proof of that progressiveness; it shows the ability for a community and city to expand its horizons and be involved in economic and city development, bringing in tourism, consumer confidence, and retail establishment and loyalty, among others.

I missed Nordies and Armani when I left the Northwest, and while I can get their products online, it’s never the same in comparison to sitting down at Gordon Biersch and be surrounded by familiar things in life.  As someone pointed out to me this past week, being a transplant to another city is never easy, and hardly the same in comparing environments.

You know what?  Nothing is ever easy anyway.