Express 1MX Shirts On Sale!


Check out the latest Express 1MX shirts on sale at I have a few of my own, and I must say that I love the fact that 1) they look and feel modern, and 2) they are fitted enough to accentuate any type of body.

Go see for yourself at ! Happy shopping!

How To Be OK With Wearing What You Have


Not all of us are rich enough to afford new clothes every month, week or day; and I am sure that a lot of you out there are just trying to make by with what you have.  Not to fret!  You can still keep wearing what you’ve got and, with a little creativity, get by with some stylish pointers while limiting your spending habit!

Colors and Patterns

Sometimes, all you need to do is to look at your clothes differently from how you’ve been wearing them.  Do you pair your jeans or pants with your usual bland colors?  Try switching out your favorite shirts with those that have different patterns or graphics for a better look.  Want to get extreme?  Get (a little) louder and wear more vibrant colors to offset your normal jean attire.  Express, J. Crew, and Kenneth Cole all have great, vibrant shirts and colors to mix and match with.

Texture and Style

Pair up different textures to get mileage of your clothes.  Try experimenting with different ways to match your outfits, like matching a linen shirt with khakis, or a cashmere-blend pique polo with jeans.  Trying to be a rockstar?  No sweat.  Graphic shirts (especially vintage ones) can be of various materials that will definitely show.  Some are cotton or cotton-blends, others are polyester or poly-blends.

Accessorize.  Seriously.

Ok, so you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have neon green shirts or Guns ‘N Roses tees to match my jeans.”  No problem.  This is a classic case of letting your accessories make the difference.  Unique belts, bracelets (yes, guys can wear bracelets.  Ask Kenneth Cole), sweet necklaces, and even head wear can make a difference to your outfit.

A vintage tee paired with a cool belt buckle and trendy jeans with a fedora hat can make a statement!

Now get creative and enjoy!

Express Pants for Men


Express pants are one of my fave brands of pants due to their excellent comfort and relatively inexpensive prices.  The Producer and Photographer pants are quite comfortable and stylish, with different textures and arrays of colors to keep the modern man (like moi) satisfied.  While the Producer and Photographer pants aren’t their only options, these are pretty much my top two in their lineup, providing such comfort as stretch cotton to cotton sateen, from pinstripes to solids and everything in between. 

Check out their pant sale going on right now!

For all you Black Friday Shoppers


There are tons of sales happening right now, as you may very well know.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…  Who is this Encarnacion?

Oops, my bad: good movie (Nacho Libre), wrong timing.

Here are some of my fave sales happening so far:

DSW’s $20 off sale and $29.95 boots has a 25% off Everything sale

Kenneth Cole’s 41% off Black Friday Sale

Gap’s 50% off Sweaters sale

Armani Exchange’s $50 off every $150 purchase in-store or online free shipping on orders of $100 or more (use HOLIDAY09 code) free shipping with HOLIDAY9 code AND 60% off Thanksgiving sale

Steve Madden: 30% off entire order plus Free Standard Shipping with code MADDEN30 at checkout! (Expires 12/7).  15% off orders of $50 or more plus Free Shipping! Use code SHOPIT15N at checkout.

I’m sure there are more happening, but you get the drift.  Enjoy the sales!

Father’s Day


Father’s day is coming up soon, so here are some great ways to get great gifts (and save $$) for the father(s) in your lives!

With the “new” Bing live and running, I’ve checked out some cool electronics for all you gadget dads out there.  I personally would get an iPod, but I wouldn’t discount the Zune products either.  Coming from the land of Microsoft, it has very cool features that most iPods don’t have, but I would still get the iPod anyway LOL.

And with summer being on the horizon, check out the summer sales that DSW has for you fathers out there.  There are some good shoes on sale here that I wouldn’t miss buying!

Let’s not forget Your Personal Shopper’s favorites, like Armani Exchange’s summer sale event.  Up to 70% off of your latest Armani fashions!  Check out their Under $29 sale and their Tees selection as well!

Here are some more places to get great deals on your shopping spree 🙂


So go get shopping for your Dad!  Just do me a favor: don’t buy him Crocs, okay? sale! 40% off on 1MX Shirts


I actually happen to like 1MX shirts from Express. They’re very comfortable and easy to fit into. The fit seems to be right with my body type and of course, it looks great!

Check out their sales now!

I personally like this outfit, especially with how the color scheme is presented. A great blue color that is FITTED mixed with a very nice gray trousers for the workplace, and switch the pants with a dark denim bootcut jeans, and you’re set for the night 🙂


Tons of Sales!!!


Ok, it’s been a minute since I’ve written something up, but hang tight, since I’ve got some schtuff for you all today. Check these bad boys out!

Macy’s One Day Sale – Macy’s is having a one day sale on Saturday, February 21 from 8-11 am and a Shop Preview Day on Friday, February 20 from 9-11 am. On top of that, there is an extra 50% off clearance! – Express is also having a clearance sale on their suits and suit separates, and are continuing their Shop The Box clearance, starting at $9.99 and 40% off on top of that.  If you want to get the latest trends from Express, follow them on Twitter at

And from my Sale Mail email from my friends at, check out some latest sales from various online stores: is having a free shipping on orders $200 or greater with code SFASHIP at checkout! This expires on 2/23/2009. is also having sales on their wide variety of shoes, including some of my fave Kenneth Cole shoes! is clearing out their coats, including fantastic Cole Haan Cashmere Quilt coats. This is a Shop It To Me Exclusive! Free shipping on ALL SmartBargains orders. Free shipping is great!