Croc Pot


I’ve been getting a few emails and IMs from my friends who think Crocs are fugly, and are even sending me URLs of those that do.  So I’m thinking, “Hmm… this can be good!” 

I’m going to collect them and put the links on my site for those that want it.  This will be good!!!

Great… Another shoe article.


Well, what do you expect?  From my previous blog about Crocs, I felt compelled to write another article about other what-not-to-wear shoes for men.  In any outfit, accessories such as shoes and watches can make or break a man’s look (or even a woman’s, but that’s another article).  This time, I’m going to rank on Tevas and Birkenstocks.

Now settle down, people.  I know what you’re thinking, and before you say anything, let me be the first to say it.  Unless you’re a tree hugger, a vegan environmentalist, a non-conformist, an outdoors-kind of guy, a software developer from Seattle, a broke college student, or really not fashion-oriented, you shouldn’t be wearing them.  And here are reasons why:

  1. FUGLY

    They really do look fugly.  I mean seriously, folks.  This is 2008!!!  There are many shoes to choose from, and I don’t care how you “think” these are comfortable, there are more shoes out there that fit better and look better.  The typical outfit that involves these shoes are a) cargo shorts with a tee or button down short sleeves, and if you’re a software developer, add in some wool socks to “match;” or b) jeans, tee and/or casual button down (short and long sleeve), and if you’re in college or just got out of college, include your alma mater hat.  And you expect people to respect you, let alone date you???

  2. CHEAP

    While I know they range in prices that can be “expensive” to some, the fact that they look cheap says enough.


    As stated in my first point, this is 2008, not 1993.  I wore Birks back when I was in junior high back in the 1990s, and believe me it was popular then – with everyone.  And now similar shoemakers are using the same formula to make different variations of these two shoes…  Um, hello?  Fashion faux pas!?!?


    You are what you wear.  Like I said before, if you were any of those kinds of people listed above, I don’t think you will qualify in this case.  BUT, if you’re not, then really you should be looking elsewhere for different styles of shoes.  If you were working for a company – let’s say a marketing firm – and you wore Tevas or Birks every single day, you may feel “comfortable” in them, but you certainly won’t look put together in them.  They don’t match, and they don’t “go.”  They actually need to go away.

I’m sure I can find more reasons, but you get the drift.  There are a plethora of choices out there to dress comfortably and dress in a fashionable way without looking like a dork.  Gentlemen, you can be comfortable AND look great at the same time!  But you need to be more aware of what really goes with your outfit and wardrobe than just tossing a bunch of clothes together to make your day.  If you have to, ask your female friends to help you out in that department.  I’m sure they would love to help, and I know that even the simplest of help will bring much fruit later on in life.