Been a long time…


It’s been a while since I last posted a blog… Too busy with everything going on right now, but I promise I will try to post more soon.  In the meantime, here are some things I have been pondering lately about fashion:

1)  Good fashion sense is only good enough to last a while.  Great fashion sense will last a lifetime, and will keep you from making bad decisions.

2)  Fashionistas didn’t start out by being fashionistas.  There is always a cause and effect, a source to the result.  As a master influences their student, so does the fashion influence the person.  

3)  When you view your wardrobe, you don’t let it rule you.  Fashion and wardrobe shouldn’t be about how people view you, or how you let other people view you.  It’s about how you view yourself and how that perception creates an image of you – especially in terms of how it makes you feel and look when you wear them.

4)  Fat or thin, short or tall, never, ever think that you are worse or not good enough to wear things that you see models or mannequins wear.  They are made to wear things for a reason; as for mannequins, they mostly have pins in the back to make the clothes they model look fitted.  There are many ways to manipulate colors, texture, sizes and such to fit any body type.  Don’t get caught up with what GQ or Vogue tells you.  Just look for the fashion elements that will make YOU as a person (for who you are) look good.



As my first post, I want to welcome you to the Your Personal Shopping blog where I’ll be talking about men’s fashion and design, show good fashion tastes without being overboard, and provide a shopping service to those that lack necessary “fashion” acumen to do it themselves.  AND… I will have guest bloggers to discuss similar things as well!  I’m excited to get started and give advice to those who wish to heed them, so let’s get started…