HauteLook $1000 Nordstrom Shopping Spree


For all of you that don’t know, HauteLook is a members-only shopping site owned by Nordstrom since 2011. It has some amazing deals that are usually between 50% to 75% off. Lately, they’re offering a $1000 Nordstrom Shopping Spree for those that become members from an existing member.

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Nordstrom Buys HauteLook for 270M


Okay, I’m a little late on this news, but still it’s noteworthy nonetheless.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Nordstrom, my beloved Seattle-based retailer, buys an awesome “flash sale” entity in the form of HauteLook for about $270 million in stock.  That’s pretty impressive given the growing flash sales market around nowadays.  Being a member of both Gilt Groupe AND HauteLook, I can definitely see why Nordstrom wants to take a piece of that action and turn it into dollar signs down the road.

What does this mean for the fashion industry?  I’m sure there are lots of analysts that will share their perceived future of fashion and retail industries.  But from my own personal opinion, I think this is a great investment on Nordstrom’s part, and definitely a way to get a foothold on their business by expanding their market and customer reach.

The downside that I see is in imagining what HauteLook would have been if it were to hold off on Nordstrom’s sale and decides to keep operating as an independent?  I’m thinking in the lines of Twitter here…  As you can see, Twitter’s refusal to accept Google and Facebook’s offer changed (if not, modified) the business of the social media industry.  I can imagine that HauteLook, Gilt Groupe and its competitors can change the business infrastructure of the fashion and retail industries if they stayed in business as an independent.

Again, my 2 cents 🙂

Crazy, crazy times


So it’s been a crazy few months in my world… New baby meant new ways of finding sleep that I was losing when I am half-awake trying to change dirty diapers, and that really added up to no time to do much writing and finding deals (with the occasional tweets here and there).

What does this mean to you, my readers? Probably that you didn’t miss me anyway. BUT, if you did miss me, then you will find that I am a bit more energized than I was a couple of months ago. So look for more posts and more ways to save in my upcoming posts.

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Ciao for now,