Shoes galore


Haha, yeah… so my latest salemail email is full of shoes – I mean racks full of them. Thanks to and, I have a plethora of shoes to choose from. And yes, I said plethora. Reminds me of that bit on The Three Amigos…

So check this out. I’ll share what shoes to wear on different styles and outfits, in different settings, based on the salemail email.

  • Adidas Gazelle in Black, paired with dark or semi-dark jeans (baggy or bootcut, depends on preferences, situations, and where you’re going that night), light-colored hoodie or funky stripe/pattern button down, Von Dutch trucker hat (HA!) and Reaction watch. Adidas Gazelle shoes are $54.99 at
  • Rockport Colrain in Black, paired with dark bootcut jeans or flat-front khakis, plain white button down shirt and chrome buckle belt courtesy of Armani Exchange. Add aviators, Kenneth Cole watch, and fancy rings at your leisure. Rockport Colrain shoes are $46.99 at
  • Adidas O-Type Driving with dark denim (either non-destroyed, or semi-destroyed), and with added patterns to suit your style. Pair with a funky tee from Armani and glasses from Steve Madden and your set for a very casual look. $69.99 at
  • Kenneth Cole Biggest Fan paired with dark bootcut denim jeans, chrome studded belt, colored pattern shirt (with at least white as the base color), and a Movado watch will get you noticed, and that’s being real. Kenneth Cole shoes courtesy of for $97.98.
  • Guess Donte with either white or khaki linen pants, or even (take a guess) a dark denim jeans with a solid (or striped, depending on your flavor) pique polo from Ralph Lauren, Nautica, or Express for a more comfortable, stylish, and fashionable look that says something nice about you and not calling you a slob. Guess footwear from at $54.97
  • Sketchers Footloose paired with denim jeans (either dark, distressed, or combinations), mixed with a white button down shirt with light horizontal or cross-pattern shirt, folded sleeves, and a nice dragon buckle belt from Buckle. Piperlime presents Sketchers Footloose shoes for $51.99.
  • Kenneth Cole New York Clean Slate boots (my fave) paired with a dark denim bootcut jeans followed with black pinstripe button down shirt from Armani Exchange, Macy’s, Nordstroms, or Express (or wherever you can find one), sleek black leather belt, black classic Movado watch, and, if you can afford it, diamond earrings for your pierced ears. :):) Kenneth Cole New York Clean Slate boots from are $91.97.

There you go… That should give you some ideas on how to wear different types of shoes for your day.  Be creative, and always be yourself.  Have fun shopping!

Crocs: What a load of…


Okay folks, I’m going to get down to the dirty dirty here.  One of the most recent fashion faux pas that I have continually seen is the amount of people wearing (and selling) Crocs.  One look at that thing and one would think that Crocs are, well, a load of crock.  Seriously.  I was at a local upscale mall this past week and stopped by RESTORATION HARDWARE and POTTERY BARN to check out the sales.  I noticed that a couple of sales associates who had cool outfits wore Crocs that “matched” their outfit.  I didn’t want to be rude, but in my mind I was crying in tears out of laughter as I walked by them.  I can understand that if you’re late for work, you’ll just take whatever shoe you find that is remotely in the same color of your outfit.  Fine.  We’ve all been there before, so it’s not a big deal.  But honestly, are Crocs THAT good enough to wear with anything?  Is it a shoe-for-all-outfit type?  Is it THAT comfortable than say, Hush Puppies?  Is it THAT sophisticated enough to wear for a “classier” retail establishment?  Hmmm….

So I did my own research a couple of months ago and, sad to say, tried out a few Crocs in a Hallmark store (yes they sell them at Hallmark!!) at an outlet mall in town to see what the fuss was all about.  Of course, they came out with any and every color and shade of the rainbow, including the almighty camo.  While I could see how one would think it was OK to get, it wasn’t at all attractive in any outfit (especially mine) nor comfortable after walking for a “long period” of time.  (My long period of time was walking in and out of the card aisles for a few minutes).  After my trial period ended, I found myself people watching in the mall, and to my surprise (OK, I wasn’t THAT surprised), I saw more guys wearing them, and guess what is the predominant color for them?  You got it.  Camo.

Now granted, budgets can also be a part of the reason why people buy this crap.  I would refute that argument and say that there are better choices for every budget that would actually make you LOOK better in the long term, and make you feel a bit more sophisticated than wearing Crocs.  For example, I bought a pair of black leather sandals from BANANA REPUBLIC Outlet for $15, and I love it.  It’s casual enough in look to wear with jeans and tee, button down shirt, or any combination, and “casual-formal” enough to wear a nice pair of herringbone slacks with a freshly pressed button down shirt.

And in the end, I don’t look like a load of crock wearing it.