New Online Coupon and Deal Sites


Hey everyone,

I found some great new online coupon deals and sites, and I hope that this new collection will help you in the upcoming Christmas Season!

Dealnews seems pretty sweet. When I first came to the site, it automatically recognized my geolocation and provided a tab for me to search local deals online.  You can take that functionality as a somewhat “glorified” Groupon of sort, but it provides more than what Groupon would normally offer.  2 Thumbs up!

Why pay retail?  Exactly… Gottadeal is dead on that.  Briefly checking out the functionality, the product offers, and hottest deals, I think that this can give cats like Retailmenot and Dealnews a run for its money.  It looks and feels very functional and pretty easy to navigate to find what you’re looking for, especially if you can’t find it at the aforementioned sites.

This site is squeaky clean and very easy to look at.  I mean very easy.  Navigation is tight and product displays are pretty well thought out.  Now, when it comes to products, is it the site that most people would want to search first and foremost?  Maybe, maybe not.  But it’s definitely worth a second look!

Couponwinner is strictly a coup0n-based site, like CouponNinja, Couponmoms, etc.  I like the fact that it’s pretty intuitive when it comes to categorical searches, and the hierarchical tabs make it easy to navigate what kind of coupons you are searching for.

SaleMail: A Great Way To Access Tons of Sales


Shop It To Me

SaleMail,’s awesome RSS feed for anything fashion-related, is a great way to get sale news from various fashion designers and retailers.  Want to find the best Nordstrom sales?  Salemail can do that.  What about 7 For All Mankind and Guess?  Salemail can take care of it.  Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Gucci?  No sweat!  What about for my kids, you say?  Sure thing…


It’s all there in SaleMail.  Sign up to get emails, then pick the designers you want to get sales from, and then watch your emails for all the great sales you’ll be getting!

The biggest question is how much can you spend in one sitting??

50% Off After Christmas Sale at


Check out the after Christmas sale from!

Driving Cap

Express Driving Cap Glenn Plaid

Driving Cap Glenn Plaid

Was $29.50, now $19.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Express Fitted Military Shirt White Stripe

Express Fitted Military Shirt White Stripe

Fitted Military Shirt

Was $59.50, now $29.99, and take an additional 20% off!

Express St. Michael Graphic Tee

Express St. Michael Graphic Tee

St. Michael Graphic Tee

Was $39.50, now $14.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Express Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Express Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Cotton Crew-Neck Sweater

Was $39.50, now $19.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Express Velvet Fedora Hat

Express Velvet Fedora Hat

Velvet Fedora Hat

Was $39.50, now $19.99 and take an additional 20% off!

Check more of their fantastic sales at!

For all you Black Friday Shoppers


There are tons of sales happening right now, as you may very well know.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…  Who is this Encarnacion?

Oops, my bad: good movie (Nacho Libre), wrong timing.

Here are some of my fave sales happening so far:

DSW’s $20 off sale and $29.95 boots has a 25% off Everything sale

Kenneth Cole’s 41% off Black Friday Sale

Gap’s 50% off Sweaters sale

Armani Exchange’s $50 off every $150 purchase in-store or online free shipping on orders of $100 or more (use HOLIDAY09 code) free shipping with HOLIDAY9 code AND 60% off Thanksgiving sale

Steve Madden: 30% off entire order plus Free Standard Shipping with code MADDEN30 at checkout! (Expires 12/7).  15% off orders of $50 or more plus Free Shipping! Use code SHOPIT15N at checkout.

I’m sure there are more happening, but you get the drift.  Enjoy the sales!

I am searching…


For websites, blogs and online stores that are specifically for the male shopper (plain joe schmo or metro guys). And after searching for a couple of days, I have yet to see a great site that has great content. I’ve seen ones that are just atrociously horrible in design, and/or the content in and of itself is written by someone who does not have great taste in fashion.  I’m excluding Men’s Warehouse here.

So, I’m on the hunt for any great sites out there with great content. If you have sites or blogs to share, please do let me know! I am collecting a massive list and posting them on my blog for everyone. I do have some criteria for this, but more like guidelines:

  • If it is a blog, it has to be currently active, and the blogs are currently active within the past 2 months.  I don’t want to see a blog that hasn’t been touched since 2005.
  • For online shopping, I don’t mind if it has stuff for women, but it has to be predominantly for men
  • National and international brand names preferred, but don’t mind the local designers as well, as long as the designers are differentiated.
  • I don’t have a preference on different styles or industries.  It can be a site dedicated to hip hop clothing, street style, formal, or otherwise.

If you know of any sites like these, please comment on this blog or email me at thep3rsonalshopp3r at gmail dot com.


Shoes galore


Haha, yeah… so my latest salemail email is full of shoes – I mean racks full of them. Thanks to and, I have a plethora of shoes to choose from. And yes, I said plethora. Reminds me of that bit on The Three Amigos…

So check this out. I’ll share what shoes to wear on different styles and outfits, in different settings, based on the salemail email.

  • Adidas Gazelle in Black, paired with dark or semi-dark jeans (baggy or bootcut, depends on preferences, situations, and where you’re going that night), light-colored hoodie or funky stripe/pattern button down, Von Dutch trucker hat (HA!) and Reaction watch. Adidas Gazelle shoes are $54.99 at
  • Rockport Colrain in Black, paired with dark bootcut jeans or flat-front khakis, plain white button down shirt and chrome buckle belt courtesy of Armani Exchange. Add aviators, Kenneth Cole watch, and fancy rings at your leisure. Rockport Colrain shoes are $46.99 at
  • Adidas O-Type Driving with dark denim (either non-destroyed, or semi-destroyed), and with added patterns to suit your style. Pair with a funky tee from Armani and glasses from Steve Madden and your set for a very casual look. $69.99 at
  • Kenneth Cole Biggest Fan paired with dark bootcut denim jeans, chrome studded belt, colored pattern shirt (with at least white as the base color), and a Movado watch will get you noticed, and that’s being real. Kenneth Cole shoes courtesy of for $97.98.
  • Guess Donte with either white or khaki linen pants, or even (take a guess) a dark denim jeans with a solid (or striped, depending on your flavor) pique polo from Ralph Lauren, Nautica, or Express for a more comfortable, stylish, and fashionable look that says something nice about you and not calling you a slob. Guess footwear from at $54.97
  • Sketchers Footloose paired with denim jeans (either dark, distressed, or combinations), mixed with a white button down shirt with light horizontal or cross-pattern shirt, folded sleeves, and a nice dragon buckle belt from Buckle. Piperlime presents Sketchers Footloose shoes for $51.99.
  • Kenneth Cole New York Clean Slate boots (my fave) paired with a dark denim bootcut jeans followed with black pinstripe button down shirt from Armani Exchange, Macy’s, Nordstroms, or Express (or wherever you can find one), sleek black leather belt, black classic Movado watch, and, if you can afford it, diamond earrings for your pierced ears. :):) Kenneth Cole New York Clean Slate boots from are $91.97.

There you go… That should give you some ideas on how to wear different types of shoes for your day.  Be creative, and always be yourself.  Have fun shopping!

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Deals


This is a sweet post from the techies in Yahoo! that will help all the Black Friday shoppers get their act together in terms of preparing for the shopping and the sweet deals that are coming.

1. Find the ads: This is FIRST AND FOREMOST.  There are sweet deals on sites everywhere, and I’ve already listed some in my previous blog for you.  However, is also worth putting on your list of places to check out.  They have pages that is constantly updated with all major Black Friday ads and the website also has a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that organizes all Black Friday items into one sweet place, making it easy to view all of your potential shopping at once. Next is…

2. Prioritize your list:  Have you ever been grocery shopping without a list and expect to spend only a small chunk of change, only to stand in the self-check aisle and see your grocery bill rise?  You’ll need to write a list and prioritize them in the order that you want them and where you’re getting them.  You can break this list down into geographical, categorical, or topical sections to make it easy for you to plan your days.  You can even write sticky notes on your car or fridge to help you remember.  Put your organizational genius into use and make it easy for yourself at this time of season.  Trust me, that tactic is much better than going shopping without a plan.  You’ll find yourself needing to be bailed out like this financial crisis.

3. Learn the rules:  Know the store hours for each place you want to go (my personal favorite is Best Buy opening at 5:00 am).  Grab any vouchers or coupons that stores give out when they open (as long as it is within reason of your budget).  If you can, try to find out how much stock of your items are on each store, which will save you from going from store to store to find out they’ve run out of the Wii.  

4. Coordinate with others: A partner in crime is helpful.  REALLY helpful, especially if you have to wait in line for the stores to open.  Bring a friend or two.  They’ll help you fight for that last Wii console from a screaming lady and her 2 kids.  The bigger and faster the friends, the better! 

5.  Pack accordingly: Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, sleeping bags, wood/kindling/matches for a campfire, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for smores.  No, seriously.