Prada IPO Five Times subscribed


Reuters reported that Prada’s IPO have generated 5x the demand for its original offer, valuing somewhere between $11 billion and $14 billion. Their IPO’s reach will most likely be within the Asian market, where they have recently established retail expansion in China. Their hope is to generate larger revenue, profit, and brand exposure within the Asian market to increase their IPO stature and lure investors into investing in their company.

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In my humble opinion, while I think the “Prada” brand is fantastic, it doesn’t seem to appeal well with higher middle class and/or lower upper class in terms of affordability. I think Gucci and Coach have been more accessible (and growing) for those that can spend the cash for their products, at least within the United States. I don’t really see Prada in that range, which I think is unfortunate.

Express $15 3-day sale, Sales

Standard is having a $15 sale for guys and girls, starting Friday and ending on Sunday (but it’s mostly tees for guys). They still have the Box Sale going on as well, with an additional 40% off on top of the sale price. As a reminder, their sizes and colors are very limited!

Prada Sneakers

Prada Sneakers


Also, Prada (yes Prada) has a great shoe on sale right now on  I’ve seen something similar in LA and have tried them on, and they’re quite fantastic, IMHO.  While it is a whopping $450, it is 80% off the retail price (down from $2315!!!).  That must be one lovely shoe!!

New Sale Items from SaleMail!


I recently got some goodies from my Shop It To Me mail and found some great deals! Check these babies out:

Don’t forget to hook up some sweet deals on as well. I’ve checked out their site for men’s watches and found some incredible deals.