Shopping Tip Of The Day – Take Note


With the economy as it is, it’s not unusual to be more selective on what you buy.  Retailers are pushing sales right and left to boost their revenue and to get you to buy something, even to the point of lowering their prices for some sweet deals.  This kind of buyers market makes it easier to shop.

With a list of clothes and accessories handy, take note of retailers’ sales, both online and offline.  Subscribe to RSS feeds, emails or other engagements from retailers to get their sale notices.  When you’re out and about, wandering around the mall, take note of which stores are having their sales and when they end.  Typically, you can find better deals at the tail end of their sale, but at the cost of finding the right size (especially for the average person).

** NOTE ** Don’t just give out your email address or any contact information just because.  Be aware that, even in submitting your email address to other companies, it can be sold or given to their associate companies to do more targeted marketing of their products.

Shopping Tip of the Day: Be Plain and Simple


When you’re out in the mall and looking for things to buy, or even just window shopping, a fail-safe catch is usually finding something simple and classic.  In this case, any solid/plain colors with the right texture and cut will create boldness and sophistication in the presence of something simple.

For example, pairing solid color pique polos from Ralph Lauren with dark denims will present a simple yet classic casual look.  Pair up solid polos from Banana Republic with chinos, khakis, or even a pair of pinstripe will dress up the outfit quite nicely.  Even chic and modern ouftitters like Express will pair up their polos with dark bottoms to create a more modern, chic outfit that’s both sophisticated and classic.  Moreover, the clothes are usually quite comfortable.

Plain and solid colors are usually easy and simple to find, and it doesn’t take much to create a simple and elegant piece that is comfortable to wear.

Shopping Tip of the Day: Know Who You Are


Style, if it’s broken down to its essence, is all about personality.  The clothes that you wear brings out your personality, your attitude, and essentially your whole persona, both the good and/or bad.  Understanding the right kinds of styles, clothes, and look that compliment and accentuate your personality and personal style will be determined by how you see and present yourself.  Thus, when someone sees your style, your personality and persona should breathe through it.

In addition, to know personal style and presentation are essential and imperative factors in deciding your shopping habits.  We all have somewhat of different personality styles that bleeds through different situations and circumstances.  These situations and circumstances, however, should all point to who you are as a person and as a person of style, and should have a sense of consistency throughout.

If you don’t know who you are and your personality style, there is always room to start today.

Shopping Tip of the Day: Know What You Have


So you want to buy more stuff?  Maybe a gadget for your bachelor pad, or some sweet kicks for that football game?  Or maybe even something nice to wear for a date?  Best thing to do first is to analyze and assess what you have and what you don’t have.  Go through your closet and figure out:

  1. What fits loosely – To keep or not to keep?
  2. What fits tightly – To keep or not to keep?
  3. What needs to go – DEFINITELY to go.

If you can’t fathom throwing away your nice Armani suit that hasn’t been worn in 3 years because you’ve gained 50 lbs., donate it to your local charity or put it on consignment.  Knowing what you have to work with is much easier in the long run to buy pieces that will match your current outfits and style personality.  It will help you assess what you NEED to buy to complete your outfits, and hopefully won’t distract you from spending too much on things that you don’t really NEED when you’re out shopping for those pieces.