Understanding What Really Goes Into A Bottle of $100 Perfume


We all know that sex sells, and in the fragrance business, scent sells as well. It’s in our nature to go after the scent that envokes a positive response in our bodies, causing us to feel or act that type of energy. Well, Huffington Post just ran a “behind the scenes” look on what it takes to create a perfume (or cologne) in this business — and to no surprise (at least not mine) — the findings [somewhat] stink.

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SaleMail: A Great Way To Access Tons of Sales


Shop It To Me

SaleMail, Shopittome.com’s awesome RSS feed for anything fashion-related, is a great way to get sale news from various fashion designers and retailers.  Want to find the best Nordstrom sales?  Salemail can do that.  What about 7 For All Mankind and Guess?  Salemail can take care of it.  Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Gucci?  No sweat!  What about for my kids, you say?  Sure thing…


It’s all there in SaleMail.  Sign up to get emails, then pick the designers you want to get sales from, and then watch your emails for all the great sales you’ll be getting!

The biggest question is how much can you spend in one sitting??

Looking for your favorite places to shop!


Do you have a favorite mall in your area?  Do you love to shop at a specific store in your city?  Let me know!  I am compiling a list of places all over the United States and posting these places on my blog.  If you have an awesome store or mall that you’re dying to let the world know, send me your information!

Looking forward to showcase your favorites!

Six Ways Retailers Will Trick You To Spend More


Six Ways Retailers Will Trick You To Spend More

I found this shopping article on Yahoo’s site, and could totally see how the article — and retailers — can conduct the “tricks.”

But really though, some of these so-called tricks already exist and have existed for quite a long time in the retail industry, and shouldn’t be too much of a shock for everyone this season (and any other season).  Retailers are here to make money by selling their products, and to do so, consumers have to be the main force that drive the business.  Having worked in retail for many years, I remember the upsells and cross-sells of “free shipping,” “save $50 off when you buy $150” and “buy one get one for 50% off” brings traffic to sales floors and cash registers.  Maybe back in the day when the world wasn’t in a recession, this wouldn’t have been as meaningful as it is in this moment.  “Frugality is definitely the way of life today,” the article quotes, and how true that is for all of us who are cash-strapped this season.  It makes for a heavy case of after Christmas sales shopping, when retailers are gearing up for newer inventory by adding on heavier discounts on existing sales, and also expands/confirms the mentality for us bargain shoppers that a deal loaded with heavy incentives is a very big deal.

Do you agree that the slashed prices, heavy discounts, and the like can/does influence the consumer to buy a product in a recession?

Black Friday Sales for 2009


Black Friday is coming up soon, and what better way to get you all excited about the great sales coming out!  Below you will find a few sites that will surely whet your shopping appetite.  Tis the season indeed, except it’s not Christmas yet LOL  🙂

BlackFriday.fm is a great source for all Black Friday sales and ads.  Stores in blackfriday.fm’s list include BestBuy, Kohl’s, Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Amazon, Walmart, and more!

Walletpop.com also has a plethora of sales ads for all Black Friday enthusiasts 🙂

TheBlackFriday.com is another Black Friday-specific site that caters to showing retailer deals for your shopping spree.

And for you Mac enthusiasts, MacWorld even mentioned that Apple JUST may have some Black Friday deals on its sweet products…

I am searching…


For websites, blogs and online stores that are specifically for the male shopper (plain joe schmo or metro guys). And after searching for a couple of days, I have yet to see a great site that has great content. I’ve seen ones that are just atrociously horrible in design, and/or the content in and of itself is written by someone who does not have great taste in fashion.  I’m excluding Men’s Warehouse here.

So, I’m on the hunt for any great sites out there with great content. If you have sites or blogs to share, please do let me know! I am collecting a massive list and posting them on my blog for everyone. I do have some criteria for this, but more like guidelines:

  • If it is a blog, it has to be currently active, and the blogs are currently active within the past 2 months.  I don’t want to see a blog that hasn’t been touched since 2005.
  • For online shopping, I don’t mind if it has stuff for women, but it has to be predominantly for men
  • National and international brand names preferred, but don’t mind the local designers as well, as long as the designers are differentiated.
  • I don’t have a preference on different styles or industries.  It can be a site dedicated to hip hop clothing, street style, formal, or otherwise.

If you know of any sites like these, please comment on this blog or email me at thep3rsonalshopp3r at gmail dot com.