Missing Nordstroms


Ok, so being from the Northwest, I am so jonesing for Nordstrom and am missing it terribly. If you’re in the south, you’ll probably notice that there are NO Nordstrom available. NONE. While Nashville is supposed to be a city that is getting a Nordstrom, it’s not coming anytime soon. So I thought, “Hey, online shopping is awesome, and I don’t have to be in any particular state to get stuff, so I’ll bring online shopping to you!”

Now that spring is here, Nordstrom always comes out with great products to fit the season. I always like linen in the spring – it’s very light, comfortable, and breathes easy on the skin, especially if it’s hot like it is here in the south.

Take this linen pants by Michael Kors, for example. White or off-white colors are classic in style and appeal, and Michael Kors creates timeless pieces very well. You can definitely dress this up by pairing this bad boy with either a bright/spring-color button down shirt (think baby blue, spring green, or yellow in either linen, cotton, cotton blends), a nice brown or black leather belt, and definitely some Kenneth Cole shoes, and accessorized by your choice of watch and rings. Or, you can tone it down a notch with either a short-sleeve polo pique from Armani Exchange and driving mocs from Sketchers or Banana Republic to make it a bit more relaxed and fun. Want a totally casual feel? Get some funky tees from Armani Exchange or Express and follow it up with nice spring sandals.

You can also switch the pants from belt-oriented to drawstring ties like this one from BOSS. This makes a great casual feel, especially with the right tee or shirt and accessories.

There are great sales going on right now at Nordstrom, so go check them out and have fun!