UPS students help design Croc shoes


Say what????

Let me read that again: writes an article about how University of Puget Sound students help design Croc shoes (with the aid of a professor who happens to be A CROC TESTER ).  WHAT A BUNCH OF CROCK…

Crocs are THE worst looking shoes ever built.  Talk about fashion faux pas, these shoes are not even worth spending your hard-earned money on, not even to look at!

I’m sure I’m giving some publicity to this, but what in the world??

But then again, I forgot where they were writing it from.  Seattle’s got the cargo pants/wool socks and your choice of Tevas/Birkenstocks/Crocs look.  So maybe this isn’t too abnormal for them after all…

Food As Fashion: I Don’t Think So


I just saw this article on Yahoo! about wearing food as a fashion statement.  UGH, can people actually get real?  Don’t get me wrong, I love bananas, salads, and pasta.  And I applaud the creativity behind the ordeal.  As a lover of art, I can definitely see what they’re trying to create and why they’re doing it.  But, sorry Lady Gaga, I don’t care how fashion-forward you think wearing meat is.  Food made for artwork, that I can understand.  Food made for fashion, that I cannot comprehend.

Why on earth would someone from New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any urban city walk around their respective streets walking with spaghetti coming out of your crotch?  OR WORSE!  Next thing you know, penne bolognese is being sold at your local Banana Republic for the same price as their 2-button herringbone blazers.

I get it.  Food is and can be artwork.  But please folks, model for us something that we can actually wear on a practical, every day basis.

MEN: Is it Okay to Wear Women’s Jeans?


So, here’s a question that I am sure is a no-brainer to most guys (and I say that loosely):  Is it okay to wear women’s jeans?

My answer is a resounding NO!  I don’t care who you are, how awesome you think you are, and how much money or fame you have accumulated.  No, it is not okay to wear women’s jeans.  That’s just wrong.  Aside from the obvious, women’s jeans are fit for a woman’s body, not a guy’s body.  Women’s jeans have a certain style and fit to them that contours their shape and makes them, well, women.

Don’t be fooled by any fashion trend, especially one that thinks it is cool and hip to wear another gender’s attire.



That’s right, folks. It’s about time that this ugly invention of a shoe is out the door for good.  According to, the company lost $180+ million last year and had to undergo massive layoffs due to the recession.  Not that I approve of people losing their jobs, but am very thankful for this piece of crap clothing to be done and over with!!  Fashion and comfort can be merged together successfully (think Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan, et. al.), and it should be merged together on a consistent basis.  But crocs?  Again, what a load of.

Croc Pot


I’ve been getting a few emails and IMs from my friends who think Crocs are fugly, and are even sending me URLs of those that do.  So I’m thinking, “Hmm… this can be good!” 

I’m going to collect them and put the links on my site for those that want it.  This will be good!!!