Food As Fashion: I Don’t Think So


I just saw this article on Yahoo! about wearing food as a fashion statement.  UGH, can people actually get real?  Don’t get me wrong, I love bananas, salads, and pasta.  And I applaud the creativity behind the ordeal.  As a lover of art, I can definitely see what they’re trying to create and why they’re doing it.  But, sorry Lady Gaga, I don’t care how fashion-forward you think wearing meat is.  Food made for artwork, that I can understand.  Food made for fashion, that I cannot comprehend.

Why on earth would someone from New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any urban city walk around their respective streets walking with spaghetti coming out of your crotch?  OR WORSE!  Next thing you know, penne bolognese is being sold at your local Banana Republic for the same price as their 2-button herringbone blazers.

I get it.  Food is and can be artwork.  But please folks, model for us something that we can actually wear on a practical, every day basis.


Macy’s closing stores


With the economic state around us, even Macy’s is susceptible to the downfall of the “almighty” dollar. News is floating on the internet that Macy’s will be shutting down 11 stores in 9 states, including Los Angeles and Nashville.  While it is inevitable, even for big department stores, to shut down stores in order to save the company, it nevertheless sad to see good companies go down the drain (and I’m not referring to Detroit’s “big” 3).

Thankfully, Macy’s will continue their online operations to generate revenue and business, and I believe that for 2009 and on, online business will become more important for retail operations than ever before.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Let me know what you think!